3 Ways to Pet A Domestic Rabbit for New Owner

Rabbit is one of animals that many people interest to pet because of their adorable act, cute, and tame. Domestic rabbits or local rabbits are native rabbits that live somewhere. For those beginner who wants to pet a rabbit, domestic rabbit is the best choice.

As a new owner, you can start to pet a domestic rabbits at home because it’s not too difficult to pet the rabbit properly and of course it will not cost you much! There are few things that should be considered to care domestic rabbits for new owners :

1. Foods

In treating rabbits , it can be fed two times in a day. As a herbivore, you can feed the rabbits with grass, hay, lettuce, collard green, turnip greens, green dandelion, and others. Don’t forget to feed them properly. Feed them with various diet that naturally they eat. They also need balanced nutrition that good for their digestion and health. This is the further information of Guide to Treat Your Skinny Rabbit and Gain Healthy Weight Fast

Rabbit’s digestive system so sensitive, as an owner you need to know some vegetables that should be avoided, such as kale and cabbage because it has a high gas potential and resulting rabbit’s urine will smell not good. Spinach should also be avoided because it contains oxalates which if consumed by rabbits continuously in large portions, will potentially be toxic. Of course we do not want this to happen to our rabbits, do we? Then besides the three vegetables above, there are also some foods that are not recommended for rabbits such as seeds and human foods like candy, chocolate, and moldy food.

We usually find that rabbits and carrots are like two things that can not be separated. During this time, many of us are still misunderstanding about this. Carrots are not the best food for rabbits, because carrots contain high glucose so that the proportion of carrots for rabbit food should be in small portions. This is the information about a Guide To Take Care of Baby Bunny Without Its Mother, if your baby bunny do not get a good nutrition from their mommy.

Also give pellets as a supplement. Pellets can only be given in small quantities, 30 to 60 milligrams (per 2 kilograms of rabbit weight). Because of the high calories and less fiber.

According to another source, rabbits should not be fed with chemicals or containing preservatives. Healthy rabbits can be seen from rounded, hard, and not smelly feces. And make sure the rabbit has enough water supply every day. Refill the drinking water of rabbits at least once a day.

2. Cage

When you decided to pet rabbits, you need to choose whether is better to let them free in the yard or keep them in a cage. If you just let it free, it is worrying that the rabbit might be lost or become predator’s prey. So, as a new owner you can keep them in a cage. The cage’s size at least five times bigger than the rabbit’s body. Rabbits will easily move here and there.

Then, the hygiene of cage is one of the important points to take care for a pet, including rabbit. Scabies is one of diseases that occur by dirty cages. Rabbit’s cage should be cleaned every day and its feces good for plants fertilizer. The rabbit’s cage should make the rabbit feel comfortable and easy to move. The size of the rabbit’s cage at least five times of the size of the rabbit and has a wire floor. Also put the rabbit’s cage in the place that has a comfortable room temperature (not too hot or cold) and avoid from extreme temperatures because rabbits can not stand for it.

In addition, of course rabbit’s cleanliness is an important part that cannot be forgotten. Bathing rabbits is not the best way to clean rabbits, especially baby rabbits. Bathing rabbits actually makes rabbits feel shock and can infect the ears and the worst is the potential for the death of rabbits. Brushing rabbits is a good way to clean rabbits. You can clean your rabbit using certain brushes. You can prune rabbit hairs by using a special tool, which is a splitter mat. It is recommended not to use scissors as it will make the rabbit hurt.

Cutting rabbit nails also includes part of cleanliness. You can use rabbit nail clippers to cut it. But there are things that must be considered in cutting the nails, that is, do not cut your claws because it can make rabbits easily infected by bacteria. This is further information about Steps to Build A Comfy Cage for Your Rabbit

3. Playtime

Rabbits are animals that like to socialize, so there is nothing wrong with you to take care for two or more rabbits at home. So, that rabbits get good interaction because if the rabbit is less interacting then the rabbit will feel lonely like humans, and this can make rabbits become stressed. This is further information about Making Your Rabbit Busy at Home

Also, let the rabbit out of the cage for several hours (6-8 hours if able) every day. That’s a good idea!. This treatment is good for rabbit’s health, because basically the rabbit is very happy to jump and run here and there, of course if only in a small cage, rabbits can not do it freely, right? But, you must keep an eye on that.

Instead, don’t hug and caress your rabbit too often, especially for new rabbits. Get to know your rabbit first, there are some rabbits that aren’t too happy if they are stroked and so on. Then also make sure you know how to hold the rabbit properly. If you want to lift it, lift the rabbit on one of its body with your arms and the other hand to hold the back of the rabbit’s body.  Never pick your rabbits up by its ears and never let its body hang freely.A good way that will make the rabbit feel comfortable around us and of course it will affect the mental rabbit. So be careful with things that might be considered trivial.

Patience is needed in this case. Of course there is no one in this world who immediately familiar with each other, as well as with your rabbit. Don’t push your rabbit too much to play with you especially to be rude because it can make a rabbit frightened. Let him get used to his new environment.

Thus, there are the explanation of three points to consider in take care for domestic rabbit. Caring for a rabbit really needs more patience, hope this article help you guys. Let’s spread love to fellow creaturesJ