3 Facts About Sheep New Zealand Version, Seems To Dominate Humans

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Today, we are going to talk about sheep. It is very popular livestock, with versatile use, useful for human lives, and they can also be very cute. Sheep have been human best companion and livestock for a very long time ago. Since ancient times, human have been domesticating sheep for a very long time. In ancient times, human domesticating sheep for their furs, milk and also meat. What makes sheep becoming best companion and best livestock for human is because that sheep is very easy to be domesticated, easily catch, and they also breed easily and rapidly.

Sheep also plays important role in human lives since ancient times. In ancient times, human domesticated sheep during agricultural revolution where human changes their lifestyle from hunting gathering nomadic lifestyle to shelter agricultural and farming lifestyle. During middle ages, sheep have become important livestock since their wool is used as their clothing. Sheep is really important livestock for people in cold region like Europe, as they wool can be used as warm clothing in winter. During age of exploration, Christopher Columbus also takes part in spreading of sheep population around the world by Colombian exchange. Then captain James Cook, explorer from England is also helping the spread of sheep to Pacific, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand.

As for today, we are going to talk about specific things, sheep in New Zealand. Why they are so special, their origins and what is interesting facts about them. Now, here are things you should know today in 3 Facts About Sheep New Zealand Version, Seems To Dominate Humans

Why is it so special about sheep in New Zealand? Fact about sheep in New Zealand

What makes it interesting about sheep in New Zealand is, that New Zealand is very popular as country that has big sheep industry. It is one of the largest and best sheep industries in the world. Sheep industry in New Zealand is huge, wool industry and lamb meat industry dominate New Zealand industry and sheep is actually dominating people there too. Many people know that New Zealand have more sheep in their country than human. What’s more? Here are some facts that you might want to know about sheep in New Zealand

  • Sheep is the most significant livestock and one of the biggest industry in New Zealand

According to FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization, New Zealand is one of the biggest sheep industry, and leading manufacturer of wool and lamb meat. Not only sheep and lamb, but New Zealand also have beef cows industry and milk industry too. Today, New Zealand is one of the biggest wool manufacturer, and actually biggest exporter of lamb meat.

  • Sheep population in New Zealand is actually higher than human

Many people know that in New Zealand have more sheep population than human population. In New Zealand, there are more sheep than human, in ratio of 7 sheep per human. In 2007, approximately there are 39 million of sheep it is about 7 : 1 sheep to human ratio. In 2019, The sheep population is actually dwindling, as there are now 6 : 1 sheep to human ratio. Contrary to popular belief that there are 20 : 1 sheep to human ratio in New Zealand.

  • Population of sheep actually made population of native animals dwindle

Although sheep seems so cute and innocent, sheep population in New Zealand actually made a huge change in ecosystem, especially population of native animals there. Native animals like tazmanian devil, their national animal kiwi bird, platypus become quite endangered. Since sheep industry have grown a lot since 1970 in New Zealand, the farmer require more and more lands for sheep to graze. The more sheep grown in New Zealand, the more farmer will require land, and the more wild habitat that normally home to many native animals are cut down to make farm and grazing area. However, many people are already aware of this effect, and therefore movements to protect many native animal species of New Zealand have already been in effect.

The origin of sheep in New Zealand and Australia

Have you ever wondered how sheep could end up in Remote Island like New Zealand? How small country like New Zealand become one of the largest lamb exporter in the world? How it all started? How is the origin of sheep in New Zealand? If we are talking about the origin of sheep in New Zealand, we are going to need to mention about Australia and Oceania too, since the origin of sheep in New Zealand is closely related to founding of Australia.

The first person who introduces sheep to New Zealand and Australia is British captain and explorer, Captain James Cook who are famous for its sailing to Oceania, colonizing Australia for British Empire, and founding hundreds of island in Oceania, paving the way to many modern countries in Oceania like Australia and New Zealand. Captain James Cook is responsible for bringing sheep into New Zealand, and then Samuel Marsden, a missionary that introduce a flock of sheep to many native islanders in New Zealand. After that, due to stable ecosystem, and lot of resources, New Zealand sheep industry has grown into huge business.

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