7 Ways on How to Train Wild Dog to be Smarter

Dog is the most widely kept as a pet, and there are a lot of dog types. Besides, generally dog is often assumed as mammals which evolve from wolf. It is exactly 15.000 years ago, based on genetic prove through fossil discoveries and DNA test. Other research found out that dog evolution happen not so long ago.

As the time past, dog keep evolving become hundreds of types with a lot of variation. Start from different types of fur color, such as white to black, red, grey to brown. A lot of people assume that a grey color dog is similar to blue. The fur type also varies; it could be curly, straight, soft or harsh.

Dog is classified as a smart animal, because it is really easy to be tamed and trained. Just as you know, dog is really obey to their owner. You can train them on how to obey based on steps that you can read on : How To Teach Your Dog To Be A Perfect Obedience. This thing happen also depends on how the owner treat the dog, and most dog is clever because of their owner loving, pure and caring. Talking about dog, how to train a wild dog to be smarter? You definitely know what wild dog means.

Here are some technique that you can use to train wild dog to be smarter faster that you can apply to yours or your friend’s dog.

How to Train Wild Dog become Smarter

  • Feed it regularly

The first tips to train a wild dog to be smarter is by feeding it regularly. It seems like not a big problem, because it has been habit when having a dog. As you know that wild dogs used to live in a wild nature and hunt for their food which means it was uncertain. If you turned out having a wild dog as a pet then try to train it to be smarter. There is nothing wrong if you are trying to make wild dog better, which is by feeding it regularly. The it will automatically remember who often give them food and care about them.

  • Give attention

Wild dog tend to be more wild and free, so talking about attention they might lack of it. This what makes wild dog less smart, because they used to be on their own. Try to give them attention because that will help touch their heart which will make it easier to get closer and obey to you. Besides that, your attention will make the dog sure that you will take a good care of them, What you can do is by commending, petting them with love. They might need to adapt at first, but don’t worry, you can read it on types of Adaptation on Dogs

  • Give them training

If a dog feels comfortable with their owner then they’ll get to obey to all your order. So giving a training for your dog is worth to try but you need to do it step by step and don’t rush moreover getting angry or even beat them if they are making mistakes., because it can cause a dog frustrated, and even the worst case they could attack and hurt the owner. Moreover dog can get trauma if you are too strict to them. Here are Essentials Commands You Must Teach Your Dog that you might want to read

  • Give it a place

Although wild dog probably will sleep anywhere, but if you give them space such as a place then your dog will have respect on you. Dog will obey and get to know their owner. Here are Modern Dog House Design Ideas For Outdoor

  • Take it for a walk

If it has become a good dog, then take it for a walk, although it’s just a short walk around the house. It is one of the way that you can do to give your dog an affection to make them believe that you are the best master. At least it could also refresh your dog so it won’t be too stiff and easily revolt. At least it could help decrease their emotion, because wild dog need to be calmer and tame.

  • Give additional Food

The next technique to train a wild dog to be smarter is by feeding it regularly. But besides that, to make your dog smarter then give it a high nutrition of food, if needed you can give additional healthy food to make them feel more comfortable. Moreover wild dog is non-picky on food, they even would eat leftovers or bones. Unlike most breed dog that you know.

  • Taking a Good Care

As a good owner you’ll definitely will take a good care of your wild dog. So it won’t looking dirty and untidy, then clean or shower them might get you closer to them. Besides clean, by taking a good care of them will make them feel worthy. Here are signs that your dog truly respect you

In having a dog it sure need totality, by giving treatment and attention to make them tame and smart. Here are how to train wild dog to be smarter, hopefully it helps.