9 Healthy Reasons to Drink Goat’s Milk

Cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk… which one do you choose to drink every morning? You probably only find goat’s milk processed into cheese or seen as a special item rather than to be served in a glass to drink daily. We know that goat’s milk may not be as popular as the other varies of milk, especially cow’s milk from dairy cows, but do you know goat’s milk is also the most complete food known which is highly compatible that can actually substitute a meal?

Goat‘s milk also good as an option for people with mild lactose intolerance because it can be digested easier than cow’s milk. Certain studies have proved that goat’s milk is good for our health and there are a number of impressive health reason behind goat’s milk not only for those who have lactose intolerance but also for you who are not having any issues with cow’s milk. Here are 9 healthy reasons to drink goat’s milk you need to know.

9 Reasons to Drink Goat’s Milk

1. Good for your heart

Goat’s milk contains magnesium, an essential mineral, which helps to maintain your heartbeats and heart function. A high level of potassium that goat’s milk has may also reduce your blood pressure. Additionally, goat’s milk is a good source of medium-chain fatty acids which has twice more than cow’s milk. The fatty acids comprise 15 percent of the total of goat’s milk fat, while only 5 percent for cow’s milk. These medium-chain fatty acids may help you to balance your cholesterol levels by lowering your cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels. Hence, prevent you from heart complications such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

2. Digestibility and Anti-Inflammatory

Lactose, or a natural milk sugar that contained in milk, often cause a problem with some people. But the lactose in goat’s milk is slightly lower than in cow’s milk.  Besides, fat globules in goat’s milk also naturally have a smaller size than in cow’s milk. These smaller sized fat globules provide a better dispersion and a more homogeneous fat mixture in it. For comparison, goat’s milk is easier to digest because only 2 percent of goat’s milk formed as curd, which settles in the stomach, and in the other hand, cow’s milk is 10 percent curd.

The enzymatic system in goat’s milk also helps to sooth the inflammation. Oligosaccharides that contained in goat’s milk can reduce intestinal inflammation. So, goat’s milk is easier for us to digest and tolerate with less irritation.

It might not be a viable substitution for people who have a high intolerance to lactose, but what we know for sure is our body can digest goat’s milk easier with just in 20 minutes while cow’s milk takes 2 until 3 hours.

3. Strong Bones

Calcium, not only essential for the development of our bones and teeth but also helps to support your normal muscle function and normal blood clotting. Calcium also helps our body to produce more energy.  Surprisingly, calcium in goat’s milk has a higher number than cow’s milk. Studies found that goat’s milk contains about 33 percent of the daily recommended value in a cup versus 28 percent in cow‘s milk.  It is also rich in vitamin D which helps to boost calcium absorption and prevents osteoporosis and demineralization.

4. Source of Vitamins

14 percent NRV for vitamin B5 in goat’s milk may help your body to produce energy and reduce your tiredness. It also has NRV for B7 which is important to help your nervous system become healthy and vitamin A which is needed for skin and vision. In fact, goat’s milk contains a higher level of vitamin A than cows’ milk because that goat converts all carotenes into vitamin A, which is where the whitish color from goat’s milk comes from.

5. Good for Metabolism

Goat’s milk improves the metabolic utilization of minerals. Not only provides magnesium dan calcium but also phosphorus, iron, and copper that helps your metabolism rate. It has A2 beta-casein, which is far healthier and a safer variant than A1 beta-casein that cow’s milk contains.  For short, as nutrient-dense milk, a single cup of goat’s milk provides a good amount of calcium, vitamin B intake and significant amounts of phosphorus and potassium just as you need.

6. Protect Your Body

Goat’s milk has significant amounts of selenium. Selenium is a mineral component that can boost your immune system, so it helps to keep your body healthy and protect you from illness or infection. Kefir, or fermented goat’s milk, even has a prebiotic that able to increase good bacteria to keep you healthy and support nutrient absorption. This prebiotic also can help enhance your immune function, prevent diarrhea, and manage your cholesterol levels.

7. Prevent Iron Deficiency

Another health reason is it can prevent you from iron deficiency. As a good bioavailability of iron, able to improve the iron absorption, and helps to regenerate hemoglobin, goat’s milk may also prevent you from iron deficiency anemia if you drink it regularly.

8. Similar to Human Milk

The composition of goat’s milk that contains  A2 casein, make it far similar to human milk rather than cow’s milk. casein This means, your body able to get the nutrient from goat’s milk and again, less irritating your digestive system. A study suggests that the using of goat’s milk as the first protein after breastfeeding can be less allergenic for baby rather than cow’s milk.

9. Glows Your Skin

The fatty acids that we have talked before also have the moisturizing quality to keep our skin smooth and glow. The vitamin A in it also can prevent your acne and improve your skin health, and its lactic acid helps rid your dead skin cells for your body, hence improve and brighten your skin tone.

These 9 healthy reasons to drink goat‘s milk may be a piece of new information for you so you can start to substitute your cow’s milk with goat’s milk as a new option for your healthy lifestyle!