8 Ways to Healthily Feed Your Betta Fishes

Aside from birds, rabbits, dogs, and hamsters- fishes have grown into an increasingly popular choice for house pets. Some families dream of having a beautiful aquarium installed in their living spaces, filled with the fishes they’ve raised on their own – while some stay modest and keep their fishes in a small glass container with […]

How to Raise a Healthy and Happy Chameleon

Raising wild animals of your own is no easy task. Wild animals, such as chameleons, require special attention and care. Some might even debate between the ethics of domesticating one in the first place, but most reptile enthusiasts would quickly oppose to these arguments. Chameleons are exotic reptiles with their own endearing personalities. One special […]

9 Healthy Reasons to Drink Goat’s Milk

Cow’s milk, almond milk, soy milk… which one do you choose to drink every morning? You probably only find goat’s milk processed into cheese or seen as a special item rather than to be served in a glass to drink daily. We know that goat’s milk may not be as popular as the other varies […]

How to Take Care Your First Cockatiel Healthy

The cockatiel is a lovable, intelligent bird which you must want to add into your family member. However, before deciding to pet this happy, social small-crested members of the parrot family, you should know the guides on how to take care your first cockatiel healthy. Here are some guides to help you learn what your […]