How To Potty Train Your Dog Easily In A Week

To have a new puppy in the family or a grown dog can bring many happiness to the rest of the family. Many of you welcome him with warmth and loving gestures. However, you don’t like your house to be his potty where he pees everywhere he wants. Here I will teach you on how to potty train your dog easily in a week. During this short period you can lay the groundwork and see some changes in your puppy. However, to have full control over taking care of his business, he will need longer period of consistency.

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When is the time to start potty training.

You can start to do potty train to your puppy since he reaches the age of 12 weeks old. At that age, he already has good control over his bladder and bowel movement. He can ‘hold’ his business as needed. If you have older dog than 16 weeks, he might already have favorite place where he wants to do his business. So it’s advised to start the training since younger age. It will take planning, patience, consistency and lots or rewards for your dog’s efforts.

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Now let’s see what you should do in preparing the potty training for your new member in the house

1. Get your house prepared for the training.

Before you start potty training, there are some steps you should take. First thing first is to prepare your house before the training. This is the initial stage, as your puppy is living in your house.

  • Get rid of the residual odors and urine stains

Clean your house from residual odors and urine stains. Because if you don’t clean it, don’t be surprise to see those places with the urine stains and residual odors will become favorite places for your puppy to do his business. He will think that those places are his toilet. But if you clean it, he will not be attracted to those areas for doing business.

  • Prepare pet odor removal

This is one alternative to get rid of odor removal. You can purchase it in your local pet store. Or you can make your own odor removal with baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda on the areas with odor and let it sit for 1 or 2 hours before you vacuum it.

2. Supplies on hand

This purpose is to make it easier for you to get the supplies when you need it. You won’t have to run to the pet store to purchase everything when you need them. Buy them in advance, list down all your necessary supplies and buy them. For example, you might need collar and leash to take your puppy out for the training.

3. Helper

If you can’t be home during the day while you want this training to be done in such a short time, you might want to arrange a helper to keep the schedule on track. Meal time, potty breaks, play time and other things. Set a schedule with your dog walker or pet sitter to help taking care of your puppy during your absence.

On track schedule

  •   Make a 24 hour schedule

It is very good to arrange a 24 hour schedule to train your dog in such a short time. And this schedule has to be followed strictly. Create a routine for your dog. Make him get used to the schedule till he understands that is his new routine. Since waking up first thing in the morning till the night he is ready for bed, everything should be scheduled.

For example, here is a schedule set for your dog.

7:00 a.m.: Wake up and take dog outside.

7:10 – 7:30 a.m :  Free time in the kitchen

7:30 a.m: Meal time

8:00 a.m : Outside in the yard

8:15 a.m : Free time in the kitchen


  • Choose a spot for the toilet

Choose a spot for toileting in your backyard. Either it’s a tree or a patch of grass. Use the same spot every time you take your dog out to do his business. Take your dog out at designated schedule or when he shows you signals that he wants to relieve himself, take him out to his toilet spot.  Use the same word to name the place. For example, when you take him out to his toilet spot, you can say ‘potty’. Then he will understand that it is the place for his to do his business. If you don’t have a backyard, or you might live in an apartment, consider to have a dog litter tray so he will treat it as his toilet. Give him a reward for doing it right at the right spot.

  • Safe space for the dog

Your dog loves to stay in small den to sleep. Create a comfortable crate for him so he can feel it as his safe place. Put a comfortable blanket or towel and toys. Never use his crate as a punishment as he will associate this place as a scary place rather than a safe place.

  •  Observing dog’s signals

Pay attention to your dog’s signal when he wants to go to toilet. Maybe walking in circles, sniffing the floor like looking for places to pee. When you know the gesture, take him to his toilet spot immediately. No need to follow your scheduled potty break if he is showing the signal to go to

  • Keep track of the habit

Take note the habit of your dog. After giving him meals and water, how many hours does he need before he wants to relieve himself. This note will prepare you for his toilet breaks.

  • Clean up the mess

If accidents happen, clean it immediately. Don’t let your dog think that the places become his toilet spot. Use odor removal or baking soda to clean it. Do not punish your dog for the accidents.

Increase time for toilet breaks

Now as you are training your dog for toilet training, you may prolong the time between the toilet breaks. For your reference, a puppy can hold the pee for as long as his age number in month +1 in hour. For example, he is 2 months old, then he can hold his pee for around 3 hours in average. Always remember to take him to his toilet as soon as he wakes up in the morning and after his meals.

Always keep in mind that not all dogs are same. Sometimes they need more times to create the habit, sometimes they are very fast in picking up. As long as you do it in consistency and patience, you will be able to reach your goal. So, hopefully this information regarding on how to potty train your dog easily will give you better info.

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