7 Ways to Train Your Dog to Pee and Poop On The Right Spot

Untrained dog will relieve himself anywhere he wants. And that could create a mess in your yard. Will you be happy with it? I don’t think you will. So, what will you do? Of course the answer is to teach your dog to be smarter. How? We can train our dog to become smarter and it will make our life easier when they have gone through the training. We should choose one specific spot to be dog’s potty spot and train them to use that spot whenever they want to relieve themselves.

Having baby bunnies as your new pet, peek Tips to take care of baby bunnies to learn more about taking care of them. Here are 7 ways to train your dog to pee and to poop at the right spot.

1. Choose a spot

You should choose a specific spot either inside your house or in the yard. The spot should be outside of high traffic from people going here and there. Choose the area which perfectly fit for the size of your dog. If you have a small size dog, a small area is enough for him. But if your dog has a big build, small spot won’t accommodate his need. They won’t want to pee at the same spot if the area is too small for their size as it’s dirty and smelly.

Sometimes your dog can choose his own spot. Just pay attention if he keeps coming back to certain spot. You can make that area as his toilet area. Prepare to make that space as your dog’s toilet. Either to give your indoor space a tray for toilet usage, or make a space in your yard to be the special place for dog’s toilet.

2. Keep the surrounding clean

It’s very important to make the toilet area clean. It’s for the hygiene and to let your dog comfortable to do his business at that specific space. However, you can leave a one pile in the area as the mark during training to let your dog understand that it is the toilet. But don’t make the area too soiled or your dog will find for a new place to relieve himself.

3. Train your dog to follow your command

To make your dog to obey you command, you should spend time to train him with obedience. Teach him some commands to obey.  Pick the word you will use whenever you want him to relieve himself. Use simple word like ‘go pee’ or ‘go potty’ to your dog. That is your cue to tell them to go pee or poop at the designated place. You can choose whatever word as long as you use the same word to command him to pee. From that step, then you could teach your dog to go himself if he wants to relieve his business. And of course to that specific place he will go. At the beginning you should direct him to the spot with the leash on. Then when you reach the spot, stop and wait till he pees or poops there. Once he does the right thing, give him a praise or a reward.

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4. Confine your dog to specific spot

When your dog is still untrained, do not let him roam freely otherwise your house will turn into a mess. Only let him roam around the space you want him to be. Limit his heir move, put a leash if necessary. You stand guard in the place you have chosen and wait for him until he relieves there. Don’t let him roam around until he pees or poops in their toilet area. Other way is to put the temporary fence around the toilet area. Lock him inside the fence and tell him that it’s their toilet by giving them signal. Once done, let him out from the area.

5. Reward and praise

Reward and praise will speed up the training process. Every time your dog follows your command and do the right thing, don’t forget to praise them with loving gesture or loving words. You may also prepare delicious snacks for him. Regarding this potty train, if your dog releases himself at the chosen spot, reward his good behavior and unleash him. But if he doesn’t do it, take him away from that spot then bring him back to the toilet spot again. Don’t let him go until and unless he relieves himself.

A great tip for you, after your dog finishes his business, don’t take him inside right away. Praise him, play with him for a while, or bring him to walk for a while and to let him sniff around to his favorite places. Once he understands that he is rewarded for behaving good, then you can vary your rewards.

6. Understand dog’s body language

During your bonding with the dog, you should try to learn his body language. Take note what kind of body language he shows you for whatever reason. Especially before he pees or poops, pay attention how he acts. Mostly he turns in circle or sniff around. If you see him acts like that near his toilet area, take him to the place to let him do his business. When he can’t hold and pees anywhere, stop his play activity and take him inside the house. No need to punish them. Just start the training from the beginning again. Don’t forget to reward him whenever he does his business in the designated area.

For new puppy, he usually wants to ‘go’ around 30 minutes after meals, after exciting playtime, before bedtime and after wake up in the morning.

7. Deal with accidents

Accidents happen. Try to understand it as they are still in the progress of learning. Do not ever scold or punish him for doing it accidentally. Instead clean the accident immediately by scooping the poop or rinse the urine with a hose. Ignore this behavior and take him inside the house. Stop his playtime. Soon he will learn that if he pees or poops anywhere he won’t be able to play and if he behaves well by doing business at proper place, he will get his time to play.

For these 7 ways to train your dog to pee and poop on the right spot, you must be consistent and closely in paying attention on them. Do this training very strict for at least 2 weeks. This will build their routine to go the the toilet area and to get used to your potty cue. The signal that he understands the training is when he directly goes to his toilet spot to take potty break without your command. Your training is paid back. Your hard work is answered.

Though your training is successful, you still need to keep an eye and monitor your dog to keep following his potty routine.

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