How To Potty Train Your Puppy Effectively

That’s a great feeling when you have a new puppy at home. He is cute, chubby and very playful, and his existence himself bring us a lot of joy. However, not only things to make you happy that you will see as he is joining your family, but he will also create a situation that mess your house. This is quite a challenge for you to take care of him so he can live in order as you want it.

The biggest challenge you will face is potty training. Some learns very fast some needs some times. What you need during this period is to always be patient, calm and consistent. Be encouraging and positive as you will reach the goal finally.

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Then, let’s learn how to potty train your puppy effectively from the steps at the following explanation.

1. Introduction

First thing you can do to make your puppy familiar with your home is to introduce him to surrounding. Let him understand that this is his home as well. Let him get to know about his new home and his new family so you can meet your expectation from him. When you take your puppy around the house, take him only to initial places you allow him to be. Do not let him roam and explore on their own. Otherwise you will see him marking his territory or peeing anywhere he wants inside your home. For rooms that are prohibited for the puppy, close the door to avoid him exploring there.

2. Learning puppy’s behavior

If you have certain breed of a puppy, it is recommended for you to look for the information about this breed’s characteristics. The purpose of it is to make it easier for you to understand how he behaves and what should you do to take care of him perfectly. For example, if you raise a small breed of dog, their bladder size will be different. Small breed can’t hold his pee for as long as the large breed. Then another thing is that we must understand is that dog’s way of thinking is not the same as human being’s. Sometimes we overestimate him, thinking he should have understood such a simple command you teach. You might expect him to tell you when he wants to pee. For this matter, it’s needed to learn his behavior and observe him closely to understand what he is showing you with certain behavior.

3. Watch the puppy closely

During the training, keep a close eye to your puppy. Keep him near to your where you can always watch over him. This will make you immediately see the signs he delivers to you when he wants to pee or poop. Then you can take prompt action to take him out for his toilet breaks. Usually signs they are showing when they want to ‘go’ is circling, sniffing, and scratching.

4. Accidents interruption

Interrupt the accidents which is taking place. When you catch him in the act of peeing or eliminating, immediately interrupt him. Make a sudden noise or a clap to get his attention and say ‘no’. Then, quickly take him out to his toilet and continue his business at his toilet. Be consistent treating him if you catch him in the act.

If he has the accidents, do not punish him. Your puppy doesn’t know what he does is wrong. Keep going on with the training. It’s not necessary to punish him as he won’t remember it anyway. The worst case is he might develop trauma or fear of you. They might also misunderstand that when they pee, you will be mad at him. And he might hide from you whenever he has the urge to go. This increase the chance of having accidents in places are hard to reach for you.

5. Designated toilet zone

You should choose a certain spot outside to be his toilet zone whenever he wants to go. Do not choose the places which has been marked or visited by other dogs. Choose the place where you can clean it easily. Whenever you take your puppy to pee there, he will relate the urine’s smell with toilet. Put him on short leash initially when you train him so you can lead him easily toward the place you want him to be.

6. Specific word for command

Choose simple word to teach him to pee whenever you lead him outside. You may choose ‘potty or go or you can pick other simple commands. If he is trained fully, he will understand you ask him to pee or poop when you say that word. Remember to use this word only when you instruct him to go so they won’t be confused with other command

7. Praise and reward

Always praise and reward him when you see him behave as he is instructed. Always use positive tone with cheerful voice. He will understand that you are happy with what he does just now. This kind of method will make him happy during the training process.

8. Relaxing and enjoyable experience

Make this training as relaxing and enjoyable experience for your puppy. They will anticipate this moment as they enjoy it. Make the activity of going out for a walk into a happy experience your puppy will love.

9. Clean up the accidents

When accidents happen inside your home, clean it up right away and thoroughly. If you don’t do it, you will likely see them pee and poop at the same place again.

10. Keeping a limited space

Put your puppy in limited space or in a crate. The reason is to make it easier for you to keep a close eye on your puppy. You can also use folding gate or lock him up in a small room where you can monitor him. When your dog is a small space, it’s very easy for you to observe him to see if he is sending signals to relieve.

The crate should be small enough so your puppy can roam in it and where you can always see him. Though small, the crate should be spacious enough for him to turn around and to play in it.

11. On Leash

When you decide to put your puppy on leash, make sure the leash is not too long. You are easily take your puppy to move to certain places.

12. Creating a crate

Creating a crate will be effective for you to teach your puppy to potty properly. The pup will think the crate as his home and he will be reluctant to mess it. Don’t forget to make the crate accordingly to your pup’s size. He should be able to stand up, lie down and turn around. Don’t make it too spacious as they might use a corner as their toilet area. If the crate is too big, consider to block enough space to make it into the right size of your pup.

13. Be consistent

The key to successful potty train is consistency. You have to be consistent using the same command, using the same route, using the same method to make your puppy understands what he is doing. He will be trained faster if you are consistent in teaching him.

14. Recognizing body language

Be observant in reading your pup’s body language. Pay attention if he shows his body language. You will know what he conveys with his behavior.

15. Setting up a fixed schedule

This is very important. Set a fixed schedule to train your puppy. Since early morning he wakes up, take him out for potty urge, until the last thing before sleeping at night. Through this scheduled activities, he will be able to have a regular potty. Every time you take him out after meal will make him learn that where they are supposed to go for potty.

So, what do you think about how to potty train your puppy effectively? Does it help?

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