How to Take Care of Chicken For Beginners

As a human sometimes we need to socialize with others while on the other time we need time to be on our own.  When we are set all alone we need other creatures to company us to express our love, our caring, which never judge us no matter how silly we are, that is what we call silent friend. Means here an animal, particularly a pet we can have we can raise, we can love. Pet that lives together with us in our home. While you still think what pet might fit you, we will acquire to the cute little bird called chicken. I cannot resist to this particular pet which has soft fur and crack sounds, can you ?

Here few tips on how to take care of chicken for beginners whether you will put them on the coop or let them spread out in your backyard.

  • Where to find the chicken

We need to go the the chicken farm or chicken sales store to get one. The owner of the farm will tell you which one suits your need, whether it is a chick or the adult chicken depends on what purpose you have. If you want to have benefit such fresh eggs from the beginning the big one is suitable for this, however if you want to raise the bird and look forward to see the progress of the growth of it so the the baby chick is the best one for this purpose.

  • Supplies we need to provide

Several items to remember these are coop, chicken food, bowl for water or food, disinfectant liquid to clean the coop. Make sure that the coop is always in clean condition means we need to have time at least twice a week to clean it with disinfectant liquid  this also aim to prevent from any germs or viruses to build up and attack the birds. Chicken needs to be feed so please be aware to provide the food and water anytime they need cause we do not want they peck anything to please their appetite. Sometimes if chicken have less food they will grab something that might be danger for their health like a wood or any other small objects.

  • Space to growth

While we put chicken on the coop at night time, they need some space to explore the environment around at day time. This is also good for their strength and healthiness cause they will exercise and use their muscle to move around. We want to have the happy and healthy chicken right? Doing so can burst up their mood and stay active as a living creatures. This is part how to take care the chicken physically and mentally.  What we need to have is just a small backyard with secure fence to protect them from any predators like a cats, dogs or even snakes.

  • Heating lamp

This one is to make sure that the bird is always in a warm climate during cold night or rain. Please observe if the lamp is too hot or too cold. Once the chicken look lethargic and tired probably they fell too hot, keep the lamp a little far so the weather is a bit cool. Meanwhile the chicken crowd each other we may assume the weather is too cold for them, so then the heating lamp can be put a bit closer. However make sure that the heating lamp should be covered by something hard  such as a hard cardboard just in case the chicken peck when they still awake.

  • Security

When we already talk about predators, we need to be aware of the other animals that could harm chicken. Especially wild animals like a ferret, dog, cat, or maybe snake and even unpredictable mouse can kill the chick during asleep. So make sure you cover the coop or connect it with something can produce high volume sound when it touched by stranger so will alarm you to keep on eye for them. But do not forget to put the fly as a fragile predator as well since this kind of insect can bite and rise any bad effect for the healthiness of the chicken. It is good idea to have roast fire to get rid of the fly from the chicken.

  • Inform the neighbor

Whether you live in small town or big one, you need to talk to your neighbors first to let them know that you have a chicken pet. They need to know to anticipate the out coming impact , it might be the sounds of the chicken every dawn, the smell from the poop that may spread out by the air, the chicken itself that may play on their yard. Let them express their feeling first, cause you never want to be nuisance after all. This aim for your good as well since if your neighbors allow you to have chicken they will participate in very small react such as tell you if your chicken missing in case eaten by wild animals or move to the place quite far from the house.

  • Regional policy

This one is the most important thing you should know before continue this idea , find out if the policy in your region allow you to have chicken. As we know that having chicken quite different than having any other pet like a cat or dog. Chicken produce a high volume sounds every morning that may disturb people from deep sleep, or the defecation can spread out by the air to reach far away that cause air pollution. You will never want in the middle of your chicken farm, the authorities came to ban your business.

After all, we need to pay attention about how to take care of the chicken for the beginners is something that must be preserved. If you find any difficulties to raise the chicken both internal or external factors all you have to do find or do some research how to anticipate or choose the positive aspect to smooth the way  the progress. If you ready to start a chicken farmer then nothing else to do now, action is the only thing you must have a go. While your family member or close relatives can give a hand but you are the one who take all the responsibilities a head. Prepare spacious heart, endless loving and caring cause what will company you is not an objects but the living things which needs love just like you.

Happy breeding and good luck.