How to Treat Reproductive Problems for Cows

There are several factors in cow breeding which affect the quality of the end product. Reproductive health of the cows is an important aspect to be taken care of, especially since it has a direct impact toward the quality of the dairy calves. For sure no breeder wants reproductive problems for their cows.

Reproductive problems could occur due to many causes based on the disorder type, such as anatomical defects, functional disorder, mismanagement, and infection. This article explains how to treat the reproductive problems for cows based on the classification.

1. Anatomical defect

The first condition causing reproductive problems for cows is due to anatomical defect. It is further classified into two:

  • Congenital defect

Congenital defect is a type of anatomical defect which occur before birth. It can occur at the ovarium or other parts of the reproductive organ. Congenital defect is acquired by genetic and there is no treatment measure for this. A breeder can still prevent this by selecting high quality cows before mating them. A good quality cow for mating is marked by its high Body Condition Score (BCS).

  • Acquired defect

Acquired defect is an anatomical defect which is acquired after birth or during a cow’s life period, and it is not genetic, unlike congenital defect. Acquired defect can be caused by several conditions e.g. infection, inflammation, tumor, etc. This type of defect can be treated by preventing the cause of defect, for example giving antibiotics to a wounded cow prior to infection.

2. Functional disorder

Reproductive functional disorder can be caused by hormone abnormal condition. This condition can also be referred to as a condition of estrus disorders which include ovarian cysts, anestrus, subestrus, and delayed sexual desire. The treatment measure for cow’s estrus disorders is different depending on the type of disorder that exists, but in most situation a hormone therapy is needed to treat the abnormal reproductive hormones of the cow.

3. Mismanagement of livestock

Next, the cow’s reproductive problem can also be caused by mismanagement by the breeder. This mismanagement factor is closely related to the given feed type for the cows. A lack of nutrition will affect the cow’s reproductive health. To overcome this mismanagement, always give the cows with good quality feed with balanced nutrition e.g. protein, mineral, vitamin A, etc.

4. Infection

The last cause of a cow’s reproductive problem is due to infection. The infection on a cow’s reproductive organ can be classified into two: non-specific infection such as endometriosis (uterus inflammation), pyometra (festering uterus inflammation), vaginitis, and specific infection such as Brucellosis, leptospirosis, vibriosis, tuberculosis, viral, trichomoniasis, etc. The treatment for reproductive organ infection is by giving antibiotics according to the infectious microorganism.

That concludes the causes and the measures to treat the reproductive problems for cows. A cow breeder should know the effective and efficient steps to restore the reproduction health of the livestock.