8 Tips to Shorten A Cow’s Interpregnancy Interval

Many people raise cows for its high profit. Compared to chicken or goats, the dairy products of cow are more pricy in the market. However not everyone are willing to do cows breeding, since one also need a lot of money to buy and raise the cows. Furthermore not everyone can do a good job […]

10 Types of Sickness for Cow during Rainy Season

Cow breeder should be more cautious during rainy season. The extreme temperature change from hot to cold may cause the cows to be more prone to sickness. This article lists 10 types of cow sickness during rainy season which should make any breeder aware. 1. Lameness/limp Breeding cows inside a dirty stable will increase its […]

How to Treat Reproductive Problems for Cows

There are several factors in cow breeding which affect the quality of the end product. Reproductive health of the cows is an important aspect to be taken care of, especially since it has a direct impact toward the quality of the dairy calves. For sure no breeder wants reproductive problems for their cows. Reproductive problems […]

Easy Freshwater Turtle Breeding for Beginner

Who does not like pets? Cats and dogs are common animals to be a pet, but having a rare animal as a pet is interesting and challenging! Being a “rare” pet does not make it has to be a scary-looking and dangerous animal, you can also find yourself a cute one to be a pet. […]

8 Easy Steps to Make Organic Fertilizer from Cow Dung

Cow dung maybe gross, but you should put that thought away if you are a cow breeder. It should be no problem for any cow breeder to deal with it. Not all gross-looking things are useless, as a lot of people actually utilize it to help growing their plants. Cow dung is a precious ingredient […]

Causes of A Goat’s Pregnancy Loss and How to Prevent It

Goat breeding is a common practice in any village, due to the high demand of its meat (and its milk for some goats). A successful goat breeding depends on a successful reproduction program. Sometimes, one problem that you can find during such program is a pregnancy loss. This article describes the causes of a goat’s […]

7 Reasons Your Cow Loses Weight and How to Treat It

Cows are your everyday livestock which are common in any villages. Compared to chicken and goats, many people raise cows due to its valuable end product although buying a cow is not so cheap, either. You need to know the correct steps in raising a cow to maintain its growth and development, aside only from […]

How to Produce Colostrum for Calves

When you are raising calves, you should give attention on the feed that you provide as it determines the healthiness of your calves. As has been described by the previous article, colostrum is one of calf feed that you should give since its birth. Every cow farmer should know and understand how to make a […]

5 Possible Causes for Your Goat’s Infertility and How to Prevent It

For a goat breeder, mating your goat is a common thing to get your goats reproduce and gave good quality lambs. To get it right, you need good quality fertile goats (both buck and doe – male and female). However sometimes life hits you hard, as your goat may be infertile. This can be caused […]

4 Types of Cattle Feed for Healthy Dairy Calves

Cow is one of livestocks largely raised for its meat and fresh milk. Raising a dairy cow requires several important steps in order to get the best quality of the end product. It is important to provide your dairy calf with nutritious feed every day. The following describe 4 types of cattle feed for healthy […]