Follow These Ways on How to Treat Ringworm in Puppies

Puppies are a cute animal to own. They are also a very vulnerable pet at a very young age. This cute and adorable animal does have a lot of enthusiasts. In addition to the various types, the cute dog’s behavior also often makes many people want to make him a pet.

You may have this pet at home and there are some odd things you see going on. This is probably a ringworm. Ringworm is a very harmful disease if not treated with the right way.

However, in caring for dog, we must also pay close attention to the health of our pets. One of the problems that often occur in dog is fungal disease. Fungus in dog is usually caused by ringworm.

This fungus will form a circle in the dog’s fur and will make the dog’s skin look scaly. This condition certainly makes dog feel uncomfortable because they will often scratch the infected part.

If left untreated, this fungus can cause the dog’s hair to fall out and over time can cause baldness in the dog’s fur. In fact, this fungus in dog can be transmitted to other dog and also to humans. Therefore, when your dog has mold, you should separate them from other dog so they don’t get infected.

If you find that your dog has this fungal disease, there are several ways to treat a fungal dog that will get rid of the fungus.

Here, how to care for ringworm in dog that we have done intense studies about. Immediately give care to your dog who has fungus so that your pet’s hair can avoid shedding.

To make it simple, yes you can bring your dog to the vet. But this will take some time as well as a lot of money. Since there are many home remedies to try, we suggest that you use that instead.

  • Maintain Immune System

The first way to care for mushroom dog is to provide vitamins. To maintain the dog’s immune system, it is not only nutritious food that needs to be done. But also providing vitamins that will help increase the dog’s endurance as well as speed up his recovery.

Be sure that your dog is given full meals everyday. Because their meals is very important to keep their body up and running. You want your dog to be active and not just slouch.

So make sure that you also give exercises for your dogs because this can help to maintain the immune system of your puppies. Read more about best exercises for dogs for your diabetic dogs.

Before giving vitamins to dog, consult with your veterinarian first. You can mix vitamins in drinks or dog food to make it easier for dog to consume. Vitamins is a great way to maintain immune system if the dosage is right. There are more tips on how to boost your dog’s immune system.

  • Give External Medicine

The second way to treat fungal dog is to use external medicine. In order for the dog to recover faster from fungus, you can use external medicines that are widely sold in pet shops. You can use chemical drugs in the form of ointments or powders that can cure dog fungus.

Also make sure that your dog does not lick any ointment or powder that you apply. It would be better if you wear a collar so the dog can’t lick her body.

In addition to chemical drugs, VCO, or Virgin Coconut Oil, and wasp oil can also be an alternative to treating mold in dog. You only need to apply VCO and wasp oil to the affected area. If using wasp oil, apply a thin layer so that the dog doesn’t feel too hot.

  • Give Internal Medicine

The third way to treat fungal dog is to give the dog internal medicine. In addition to external medicine, you can also provide internal medicine for the dog. Internal drugs that are usually used contain itraconazole, ketoconazole, or fluconazole.

However, before giving it, consult your vet first so that you get the right dose. You can mix this drug into dog food. The side effects of this drug will usually make the dog vomit and reduce his appetite.

  • Keep dog Fur Dry

The next way to care for fungal dog is to keep the dog’s hair dry. To ensure that the dog’s coat remains dry, you can place the dog in a place that is exposed to sunlight.

Apart from being good for dog growth, sunlight can also suppress fungal growth. However, it’s a good idea not to let the dog dry too long so that the dog does not overheat and is not stressed.

If you find your dog’s coat is wet, immediately wipe the dog’s coat dry. A dog’s fur that is often wet will increase the growth of fungi.

  • Use a special shampoo

Next way to care for mushroom dog is to bathe them with a special shampoo. The cleanliness of the dog’s body is very necessary to maintain the health of the dog. You can bathe your dog so that the dog’s fur is free of dust and dirt. Especially if your dog is infected with fungus,

If your dog has mold, bathe the dog in an anti-fungal shampoo. This shampoo is different because it contains 2% ketoconazole or 0.5 – 5% sulfur. Bathe the dog 2 times a week so that the shampoo effect can be maximized. The presence of ketoconazole or sulfur in anti-flea shampoo will help speed up recovery of your dog from a fungal infection.

  • Clean Your Puppies’ Cage

The last way to care for mushroom dogs is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the dog cage. A clean cage can prevent mold growth in dogs. To keep the cage clean, you can clean the cage at least every 2 days. Cleaning is important for many reasons. One of the most important reason is of course due to ringworm, but the other reason is because of yeast infection in dogs.

Brush the cage with soap to make it cleaner. When finished, dry the cage in the sun. When it is completely dry, you can place your dog in the crate. Be sure that you do this with care as well as patience. It should take a few days to week for you to see some development in your dog’s health.

We hope this article could help you treat ringworms. Feel free to check out more about tachycardia in dogs or urinary incontinence in dogs.