6 Common Bacterial Infections in Dogs You Need to Prevent

Our pets, especially dogs, are susceptible to a wide range of infections, including bacterial infections. The chance is greater when they spend lots of time outdoors. Pet owners should be aware of this issue as some bacterial infections can be fatal if there is no prompt treatment administered. Ear can be one of the body […]

Lipoma in Dogs: Symptoms and Causes

Lipoma, or better known as fatty tumors, are considered as fairly common benign growth in senior dogs. Lipomas are also found on certain breeds, such as Doberman pinschers, Weimaraners and Labrador retrievers. It is because fatty tumors are easier to spot on short-coated dogs. However, it turns out that lipomas can occur on any dog […]

Possible Reasons of Excessive Drooling in Cats

Have you ever realized that your cat is drooling? Drooling is not considered as an ordinary thing for cats. As a cat owner, you may start wondering what causes your cat to drool and what drooling in cats means. The fact is there are several possible reasons behind excessive drooling in cats. Spend time reading […]

5 Common Gastrointestinal Diseases Animals may Get

Gastrointestinal diseases are simply the diseases that affect the stomach and intestines areas. This disease can affect some animals, such as dogs, cats, cattle, sheep and goat. Animal owners should get familiar with the following gastrointestinal diseases so that you could either prevent them or have an idea on how to treat them. So, let’s […]

8 Practical Ways to Prevent Kidney Failure in Dogs

Dogs are similar to humans, as they can get exposed to some chronic diseases. You have to know this list of unknown but deadly dog diseases every dog owner should know. One of the examples is kidney failure. Just like humans, dogs also depend on their kidneys to filter waste from their systems. When the […]

Beware of these 5 Common Signs of a Dog that is in Labor

Knowing that our lovely dog is pregnant is really exciting! It means some cute puppies are on the way coming to you. However, the process before that is not that easy to do. Handling a dog who is going to labor needs a lot of preparation too. One of the things you need to understand […]

Causes of Bloating in Cats You Need to Know

If you have a cat, then you will agree that cats are masters at hiding illness until the condition might become really severe. When your cat begins to show some symptoms, such as weakness, pain and vomit, then your cat should be taken to the vet immediately. You can take a look at these common […]

The 5 Unknown Benefits of Sunbathing for Pets

Have you ever seen your pet lying under the sun? Dogs and cats, for instance, they really love to look for a place in the sunshine and lie down there, even they take a nap there. You may start wondering why your pets really love sunbathing. Just like humans, many animals simply love the soothing […]

Look at these 6 Tallest Dog Breeds around the World!

Dog breeds have always been an interesting topic to discuss. Each dog breed has outstanding characteristics, such as size, shape, color and personality. Over centuries, different breeds of dogs in different locations have been honed by humans to perform certain roles, starting from hunter to guardian, from herder to companion. If you wish to have […]

6 Causes of Hair Loss in Dogs Every Dog Owner should be Aware of!

Hair loss experienced by anyone, both humans and animals can be interpreted as a normal condition or become an indication of certain health problem. Dogs, for instance, also experience hair loss, either partial or complete loss. A condition of hair loss in dogs is called alopecia. Alopecia in dogs also refers to deficiency in a […]