Let’s Breakdown the Common Symptoms of Coccidiosis in Birds

Birds may be exposed to several health problems, such as these bacterial diseases in birds. That’s why as an owner, it is a must to be aware of the symptoms and causes of the diseases, so that your birds can be healthy. Birds are susceptible to the coccidian parasite. This parasite can be found worldwide. […]

Beware of these Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Dogs are exposed to some diseases, even by these unknown but deadly dog diseases every dog owner should know. As a dog owner, it is a must to be knowledgeable to the common diseases your dogs may suffer from. One of the diseases a dog may suffer from is Cushing’s disease. Hyperadrenocorticism, or known as […]

Watch Out for these 14 Common Symptoms of Salmonella in Birds

Salmonellosis is a disease of birds which is caused by an infection. The infection is caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhimurium or also known as S. enterica serovar Typhimurium. There are many types of Salmonella, but the one that commonly affects birds is Salmonella subgenus 1. No wonder, salmonella is also listed as one […]

Symptoms of Colitis in Dogs you Need to Know

Colitis in dogs is a condition in which the colon becomes inflamed. It can cause several problems in dogs, including diarrhea, pain and discomfort and difficulty in defecating. Not only dogs, humans can also be afflicted by colitis. There could be several factors causing colitis in dogs. One of the most common ones is stress. […]

7 Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding Birds

Keeping birds as pets is very interesting and fun. You can socialize with your pet birds by letting her come out of her cage for meal time. At the same time, you’re creating a bond with her. Sharing food with your pet bird is fun, however, is all food safe for your pet birds? The […]

Let’s Understand the 6 Reasons Why Parrots Pluck their Feathers

Parrots are popular pets in some countries, including America. They are known to have very long lifespan, which is around 30 to 80 years. Most inexperienced owners might have a lot of questions to ask when they start keeping parrots at home. Most of the time, parrots don’t give much trouble as they are easy […]

8 Incredible Animals in the Baltic Sea

Have you ever heard about the Baltic Sea? The area of the Baltic Sea covers about 392,000 kilometers squares of the surface. It is only a tiny part of the Atlantic Ocean’s surface for the right measurement. The Baltic Sea has a unique geographical state that makes it has riches in living animals in the […]

5 Variant Animals Found in Oriental Region

Have you ever heard about the Oriental region? It is one of the largest areas that covered some countries such as India, South China, Burma, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia up to Wallace’s line. The oriental regions have been subdued by four sub-regions to make the easier way for categorize some of the animals […]

5 Variant Animals Found in Neotropical Region

Have you ever heard about the Neotropical region? It is one of the biggest regions on earth that covered some nations such as South America, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. Most of them are parted by sub-regions of the Neotropical region. That makes it easier to find some animals found in the Neotropical […]

Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Parrot Fever

Parrot fever is an infection which is caused by a specific type of bacteria called Chlamydia psittaci. This infection is also known as parrot disease or psittacosis. As you can see from the name, this disease is acquired from birds, however, parrots are not the only culprits. There might be some wild animals or pet […]