Let’s Have Better Understanding about the Causes and Treatment of Dehydration in Cats

Lack of water is fatal to all living things, don’t you agree? Almost all people and sources are telling us to have at least 2 liters of water each day. How about cats? They do too. They need certain amount of water every day so that their body can function properly. Dehydration, or the condition […]

Pay Attention to These 6 Signs of Dehydration in Cats

Dehydration is not a joke to any living things as it might lead to serious medical problems if it is not treated well. Just like us humans, animals, like cats can also experience dehydration. Dehydration is simply defined as a condition where a cat doesn’t get enough water or moisture. Water is very essential for […]

7 Simple and Easy Ways to Calm your Cats during Fireworks

Fireworks on New Year’s eve is a very delightful moment for you, but not for your pets. The loud sound and the vibration of the fireworks might trigger your pets, especially cats. Loud noise is interpreted as danger by your cat and it might lead to stress and trauma. There are some signs of stress […]

7 Things to Do When Your Cat Gets Stung by A Wasp

Cats like to play outdoor, do you agree? When they play outside, they might get exposed by some insects, including bees and wasps. When your cat tries to annoy or get rid of the bee or wasp, the next thing happens is your cat gets stung by the wasp or bee. It must be painful! […]

You Should’ve Aware of These 7 Causes of Sudden Death in Healthy Rabbits

Rabbit is a cute animal that are perfect for being pet at home. But there is one problem that always looms over the owners, it’s called the sudden death in rabbits. The sad thing is, the sudden death in rabbits sometimes goes undetected because they look very healthy.  Rabbits are a type of animal that […]

Symptoms and Cause of Hyperlipidemia in Dogs You Should Know

Hyperlipidemia is a condition of increased blood lipid levels, which consist of triglycerides, cholesterol, or both. This condition is also often called hyperlipoproteinemia, which is a condition in which the lipoproteins in the body increase imbalance.  This imbalance can occur due to disruption of lipoprotein metabolism which also disrupts fat transport to and from tissues. […]

Symptoms of Heart Disease in Rabbit that You Should Know Immediately

Heart disease in rabbits is one of the most difficult diseases to diagnose because of their high heart rate. Normally, a rabbit’s heart rate is in the range of 30-60 minutes. But when they are resting, their heart rate can increase to 140-180 beats per minute.  The problem is, in rabbits who are stressed, their […]

Beware of These Foods That Cause Diarrhea in Dogs You Should Avoid

Diarrhea is a problem that is often experienced by pets, including dogs. Many of their behaviors directly or non, lead to the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the body. Diarrhea is a disease that causes your pet to have frequent bowel movements, with watery stools. Dog behaviors such as eating, chewing and licking make dogs […]

Let’s Take a Look at These 6 Main Challenges of Breeding Chicken

Breeding chicken on your farm is not an easy job, but it is a fun thing to do. Do you agree? Who doesn’t love to get your own chicken meat and eggs in your hand? As a beginner in breeding chicken, there might be some difficulties and challenges you will face. However, don’t worry too […]

Beware of These 6 Serious Reasons Your Cat is Vomiting Blood

Have you ever got panic seeing your cat vomiting something, like hairball or yellow liquid? You might feel relieved if your cat is vomiting those stuffs, as it still can be treated. Cats have some reasons for vomiting, such as because of strange objects eaten or eating too fast. The condition is considered normal undergone […]