Common Causes of Miscarriage in Cats every Owner must Know!

Miscarriage in cats refers to the death of a fetus during pregnancy. It happens before the baby is delivered. This fetal death can occur anytime during pregnancy and there might be some signs occur, depending on the stage at which it occurs. Some cases of miscarriage in cats occur early, specifically during the first half […]

7 Most Colorful Lizards in the World that will Amaze You

Lizards are amazing animals belonging to the genus of Agamidae. Similar to other animals, lizards are uniquely adapted and equipped with some body structures that enable them to survive in specific environments. Some of them are even beautiful and colorful because of their bright markings and eyes of varying different colors. Make sure you read […]

6 Most Colorful Sea Creatures with their Incredible Characteristics

This world is full of amazing animals with their unique characteristics, such as these strongest animals on earth. Some animals are really colorful and vibrant, including the creatures we can find underwater. These colorful sea creatures are amazing, but their bright color may be a sign of warning that they are dangerous. Some animals have […]

4 Colorful Mammals around the World that will Amaze You

Animals are amazing by their own distinctive characteristics. Do you know some colorful animals? Yes, there are some colorful animals that will surely amaze you. There are colorful mammals, birds, insects, fish and more. Some of the most colorful animals in the world are very beautiful, even they are considered as the most beautiful creatures. […]

7 Outstanding Animals with the Best Memory

Humans are known as the most intelligent creature among all the animals on earth. All of the humans have made wonderful progresses in the field of science and technology. However, do you know that some animals are also smart and have good memory? They have sharp memory as they can remember people’s faces for ages […]

5 Animals with Bad Memory

Many animals in the world have an outstanding good memory. They can remember things for a long time. Those animals are dogs, elephants, parrots, and dolphins. However, there are also some animals that have bad memory. You may think that all smart animals have good memory, but it turns out that some smart animals also […]

6 Potential Causes of Goldfish Turning White

Do you notice that your goldfish turns white? Is it something to worry about? Seeing your goldfish turning white may be an alarm, however, it is not always an immediate cause for concern. Some of you may think that goldfish is naturally gold coloured in the wild, however, most of them are not. Thus, colour […]

Symptoms of Food Allergies in Kittens You Should Be Aware!

Food allergies are commonly experienced by animals, including dogs kittens. These young cats are also able to go through food allergies as their body system is still adapting. Food allergies or intolerance are caused by a reaction to a particular ingredient, which is commonly a protein. Get to know these complete signs your cat has […]

How to Treat Mites in Guinea Pig?

Just like other types of rodents, guinea pigs are also at risk of getting mites and lice. However, there are some quick and comfortable ways of treating them. The best way to treat mice and lice in guinea pigs is going to the vet. Your vet will be able to examine the symptoms and decide […]

7 Common Causes of Betta Fish Laying at the Bottom of the Tank

Most of the owners start to get panicked once they see their betta fish laying at the bottom of the tank. They think that there is something wrong with their fish. However, there are some causes why betta fish are laying at the bottom of the tank. Some reasons are harmless and common, whole some […]