Follow These Tips on How to Easily Get Closer to your Newly Adopted Pet

Do you just adopt a new pet at home? Then are you facing difficulties in getting close to it? Yeah, that is common to have difficulty in getting closer to your newly adopted pets, for both cats and dogs. However, if you decide to adopt a new pet, then you need to be patience. Even […]

Bravo! Meet the Top 9 Smartest Animals in the World!

Animals, starting from the smallest one to the largest one, have their own capabilities and specialties. Many people thought that animals are not as smart as humans. Yes, indeed, that’s true. Animals cannot be compared to humans, but they are also smart in their own ways. Some animals are incredibly smart so that they are […]

Look at these 8 Land Animals that are Great Swimmers!

Land animals are mostly moving on land and they mobilize around mostly by walking or crawling. However, there are some amazing land animals that are good in swimming. Besides being able to be mobile on land, they are also able to swim in the middle of water. They swim to travel across a body of […]

Beware of these 6 Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitos

Mosquitos are mostly known to be the transmitter of dengue fever diseases, but do you know that they are able to do more than that? There are some more diseases that are transmitted by mosquitos. Despite their small size, their great ability in transmitting some dangerous diseases are undoubtable. Mosquito even becomes one of the […]

Get to Know these 8 Electric Animals that might Give You a Shock!

Electricity is one essential thing for humans’ life. However do you know that some animals have electricity power or even produce electricity? Calm down, they produce electricity or have electricity power as their way to protect themselves from predator. Animals have their own way of protecting themselves and getting their prey. One of them is […]

Don’t Miss these 7 Outstanding Native Animals of China

China is a country which has great variety of living things, including animals. The diversity of animals in China includes 346 species of amphibian, 562 species of mammals, 4936 species of fish and 403 species of reptiles. Aren’t they amazing? Besides, China is also popular for being a country that has the third largest number […]

Let’s See these 6 Outstanding Animals in Antarctica

Antarctica is a continent with extreme cold weather, but we can see a lot of various animals that are well adapted to survive there. Name a penguin, which is one of the animals inhabiting this continent. In spite of the extreme cold condition in Antarctica, the amount of animal life there is kind of surprising. […]

Have You ever Wonder Why can’t We Find Penguins in the Arctic?

Penguins are flightless birds that inhabit the Southern Hemisphere or Antarctic. That’s why penguin becomes one of the flightless bird in the world. You might think about whether they ever moved to North Pole or inhabited Northern Hemisphere. The answer is penguins have ever been found in Arctic but it was long time ago. Most […]

Meet these 6 Largest Creatures in the Ocean!

Our world is full of animals, including the largest to the smallest. The largest animals on land might be very common to be seen, however, how about under the water? There are also many largest animals deep in the ocean that are very interesting to see. Let’s meet these 6 largest creatures you can find […]

Meet these 4 Amazing Mammals from the Arctic Ocean!

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean among the other world’s five oceans, but it is one of the most important ecosystems that affects the weather patterns. It is also home for rare and endangered species of living things. It covers an area of 14,056,000 km2. The area of the Arctic Ocean that is very […]