Let’s Know these 5 Popular Dog Breeds You can Pet at Home

Having a dog as a pet is an interesting thing. You might think that all dog breeds are suitable to become your pets. However, not every dog you find on a street can be your pet.

You need to know which dog breeds are suitable for pets at home. If you plan to keep your dogs outdoor, see these purrfect dog breeds to pet as outdoor dogs.

There are some considerations you need to think before having a dog as a pet. Though dogs are known as smart and friendly animals, they have different characteristics.

Some dogs are suitable as family dogs, some are suitable for trained dogs while some others are not. If you plan to have a dog as a pet at home, then you need to consider whether your pet is friendly to your family members, especially if you have kids.

If your dog seems to be uncomfortable at your house at first, you can do these ways of how to help a dog adjust with a new family. Some dogs need time to adjust themselves.

If you still haven’t decided which dog breed is suitable for you, meet these 5 popular dog breeds you can pet at home. Also enrich your knowledge about misconception about keeping dog as pet at home and make sure you get the best reason of taking a dog as your pet.

  • Golden Retriever

It is not surprising that Golden Retriever is one of the top ten most popular dog breeds in the US. This breed is popular with its intelligence, social skills, beauty and loyalty.

Golden Retriever is also lively, they are really active and playful. You can see the playful characteristic until three or four years of age. For your information, Golden Retrievers need daily exercise, such as walking or jogging in the yard, or running at the beach.

They love water so much! Golden Retriever is a dog breed that is bred to work, no wonder it sometimes is given a job, such as waking up family members, taking newspaper and competing in a sports competition.

If you plan to have Golden Retriever as your pet, you need to make sure you will have time for him. You need to include him in your family activities, as he is a type of family dog. He needs companion with his pack. Don’t ever think to put him alone in the backyards.

  • Pug

This dog is famous for having comic-looking face, deep wrinkles around its big eyes and a flat round face. If you own this dog as a pet, you will never stop smiling. Pug got its name from the Latin word for “fist” because of its face that looks like human fist.

This dog loves playing so much as it always gets ready for games. Pug is also really close to humans and loves to be the center of attention. Pug usually weighs not more than 20 pounds.

There are some interesting facts about pug, such as they snore, snort and wheeze loudly. Besides, pugs are exposed to heat and humidity easily. So, if you bring them outdoors, you need to watch for them carefully for the signs of overheating.

They tend to be kept indoors instead of outdoors. Lastly, pugs love to have good companionship with humans. So, if you are around in the house, you will be followed by them, they will surely sit on your lap and sleep in bed with you.

  • Beagle

Beagle is a small, compact and hardy type of dog. Beagle is also suitable companion for both kids and adults. It is known as a happy, outgoing and loving dog. Beagles really love to follow interesting scent by using their nose.

That’s why if you wish to have Beagle at home, you can play tracking games. Take a look at these popular tips to keep your dog happy playing indoors if you have an idea to spend your weekend with your dog!

However, some people said that Beagles might be difficult to train. They said it could take up to one year to have this breed well-trained. That’s why crate training is recommended for this breed.

Besides, if you decide to have Beagles as pet, then don’t leave them alone at home for a long time. They will get bored easily, and when they are bored, they will do some things, such as digging, howling and trying to escape.

Regarding to food, beagles are known to have serious attention to their bowl. That’s why you have to make sure anyone in your family, especially children to have respect on your Beagle while he is having his food and never approach or even tease him with his food.

  • Dalmatian

Who doesn’t know the movie 101 Dalmatian? The dog which has black spots all over its white body is also one of the most popular dog breeds to be kept as a pet. Its black spots all over its body make this dog breed easily recognized throughout this planet.

This dog is highly active and intelligent. That’s why before deciding to have this breed at home, make sure you are able to provide some training and activities for them to do at home.

Dalmatians are also known for having endless capacity of exercise and they are suitable to be your companion for jogging, skating or cycling.

Dalmatians are also able to make good companions with kids. They can be active playmates for kids, however, you still have to make sure that both the kids and dogs are following the rules.

  • Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever, or simply called the Lab, is known to be both friendly companion and useful working dog. In the past, the Lab was kept as fisherman’s helpers that was in charge for hauling nets, fetching ropes and retrieving fish in the North Atlantic. Until today, the Lab is also known for being hardworking and good-natured that makes him becoming popular in the US.

The Labs have muscular body that is also athletic. They have short coat that is easy to be taken care of, plenty of energy and high intelligence. These characteristics enable them to be family dogs that love to serve families.

The Labs’ intelligence and sweet personality enable them to become therapy dogs, specifically for elderly and hospitals.

They are considered as ideal assistant for disabled people. They are also great for hunters and rescuers as they have athletic body, strong nose and also courageous nature.

If you decide to have the Labs at home as a pet you need to watch their diet as they love to eat. Their great interest in eating will lead them to become obese. If you give them plenty of food, then you also need to give them plenty of exercise as well.

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