8 purrfect dog breeds to pet as outdoor dogs

Many people think that a dog can be trained to be excellent security outside of your house, so they can protect your house from unwanted people. It is true, that dog can be excellent security, since they have a very good sense of smelling and hearing so they can easily sniff out any thief that comes closer to your house, and bark to alert you. However, as excellent they might be, not every dog is suitable for an outside dog. Security dog is a dog that will spend most of their times outside, so we can also say that they are outdoor dogs. Some are excellent outdoor dogs, and some of them couldn’t even stand to stay outside for one night.

If you are looking for an excellent dog breed to keep as pet outdoor dog, whether it is for security or just pet, you need to consider for a perfect dog breed to keep as outdoor dogs. After choosing your dog, you also need to train them to be an outdoor dog too. You should consult with a breeder to choose which dog breed you want, and which dog breed is suitable for an outdoor lifestyle.

No time to consult with the expert breeder? Don’t worry, we have compiled a lot of information from research and study about which dog is perfect as outdoor dogs, especially for security. So, here we are on 8 purrfect dog breeds to pet as outdoor dogs, Purrfect way to start choosing and adopting a new outdoor dog now.

Now, These are quality dog breeds that are perfect for outdoor type dogs

These are quality dog breeds we have to choose for you. Some of this can be trained not just for security, but they can also be trained for a cool trick like fetching your newspaper and many more. Some of these dogs are even trained for military purpose, drug-sniffing dogs and many more. So, without being said anymore, let’s get started on the perfect dog breeds that should be perfect for your outdoor dogs. However, you should know that you still need to train them to fit perfectly with an outdoor lifestyle and train them cool tricks.

  • Siberian Husky

One of the most popular dog breeds around the world, Siberian Husky is a work class dog breeds that thrive on outside lifestyle, working style, especially in cold climate. Siberian Husky also had high energy levels, making you need to exercise them more often compared with other dogs. They enjoy spending their time outside with other dogs, and their master. Make sure they’re trained well, well exercise or else they can also have destructive behavior.

  • Labrador Retriever

Labrador is a celebrated dog who is specially bred for outside works, like for fishing and hunting. They enjoy physical activities, like swimming and walking. So without needs for more explanation, this breed is an excellent choice for outside type dog. They also tend to be very easy to train, so they are quite a good choice if this is your first time choosing a dog.

  • German Shepherd

Hands down, one of the best outside dogs you can get. A German shepherd is a dog breed that breeds for the purpose of outside and hard works. A German shepherd is often used as a military dog and one of the best security dogs you can get. They have quite a heavy build, high intelligence, easy to train but require efforts to train it. However, this dog might not suitable for a beginner dog owner.

Fact: Some retired German Shepherd military dog can be adopted for any civilian family. So, you can adopt a retired military dog, mostly from the K-9 unit. It is very cool, right?

  • Australian Shepherd

Much like German Shepherd, an Australian Shepherd is also a very good choice for an outdoor dog. They’re used in many farms as a shepherd dog, high intelligence can be trained with many tricks, and have a very good physical body. Just make sure you provide them with hefty exercise to tire them out since they have quite high energy.

  • American Foxhound

American Foxhound is a common hunting dog, and it is true that they’re an excellent hunter. With the body of adults around 45 to 60 pounds weight, they can be pretty intimidating security dog too. They are very adaptable, and can easily adjust in with outdoor lifestyle. They can easily learn new tricks easily too.

  • Rottweiler

Rottweiler is also one of the best outdoor dogs you can get. Along with German Shepherd, Rottweiler is also often used as police and military dog. They can perform a variety of tasks like drug sniffing, security, military dog, and they also make a good pet too. Rottweiler is a very good choice for the outside dog, as they can adjust in a variety of place and climate.

  • Alaskan Malamute

This dog is a good choice for an outside dog, especially for a cold climate place. In Alaska, the Alaskan malamute is a dog to pull a dog sled for travel. They have very strong physical, very adaptable, and highly resistant to cold. If you live in a cold region, this dog is the best choice for the outside dog. Keep it in mind, that dog that thrives in cold region mostly have a hard time adjusting in hot or humid tropical regions due to their heavy fur.

  • Irish Wolfhound

This heavy dog especially breeds for hunting purpose. They can easily take down deer, and the large Irish Wolfhound even used to hunt bear in some parts of Russia. They can grow to more than 3 feet, and they are an intimidating dog to have. Easily adjusted to an outside dog, but require many efforts to train them, and spend quite a money for them.

Even if you choose these very good outside dogs, you still need to train them to be adjusted around your house. These dogs are very brave breed, so you won’t have any trouble that they might afraid of things around your house. Make sure to train them right, and they can serve you as a very great companion.

So did our article on 8 purrfect dog breeds to pet as outdoor dogs help you in choosing your perfect dog companion? Make sure to pour out your opinion and comment here, and don’t be shy to leave out like if our article could help you.