6 Popular Types of Finches to Pet at Home

How many finches that you know to being a pet at home? Or maybe you didn’t know that finch has many types because their feather is so similar? Well Finch is a popular bird that can we meet easily in home settlement. We know it is stereotype, but usually finch pet by old man like our father, uncle, or grandfather. This bird has medium, it is around 20 centimeters measured from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail. Their back and their tail colored dark chocolate and their throat, chest, and tummy colored white and gray, and their head is black. And also, their eyes are red, and their beak and foot are black.

In their wild life, Finch likes to visiting opened place, side of road, garden, shrubs, and secondary forest until 1600 meters from water surface. They are like to colony, both when looking for their food and when perch. This bird can also easily meet in city forest.

Before we talk about the popular types, we better knew finch’s personality trait to get closer with them as written below:

1. Panic-easy behavior

Finch has panic-easy behavior when they are face some disaster or threats. As like a human, finch also move randomly when they are panic. They move it everywhere unconsciously. By this fact makes you know the symptom that will be appeared if your finch is haven’t getting used with you.

2. Smart imitator

By using your phone mp3 and play some bird tweeting then place it under your finch’s cage, believe it or not your finch can imitate the voice as same as in your phone. But sadly, by this fact too the hunter kills them as competition reason.

3. Good survivor

Environmental damage, illegal logging, and city forest closing are impact to finch’s population. But they are can stay surviving by the thing that we think it is useless but become very useful for them

4. Colony life

In their wild life, finch is has colony life both when they are looking for feed or just perch. When you decided to pet it, you leave it from their colony right? And this fact is effect to your treatment way. To avoiding finch to do not back to their colony, you need to place them well which far from window. Remember, that they are good imitator. Good imitator also has good observed skill right? The right point to place their cage to make them closer with you is in the side which often passed with you and your family. It purposes to trigger them to learn something new and also to make them aware that they are now as a pet animal inside home. It makes them to stay in the cage and decrease their want to not escape anymore. So it is main point that you should know.

5. Sun bathing

Every morning, finch has unusual habit like other animals. This habit is sun bathing. Beside it, finch will up their topknot when they are happy. So it is important to you to keep cheer them up.

like other animals. This habit is sun bathing. Beside it, finch will up their topknot when they are happy. So it is important to you to keep cheer them up.

5. Easy-treatment

Their skills which make them become good survivor can makes you don’t need to so effortful to treat this bird. Let’s say about the food. To feed the finch bird you just need soft fruits like banana and papaya. Well as we know that this fruits is really cheap and easy to find. Both on supermarket and minimarket have this fruits. If you feel it is still hard to find, you can change this fruits with some insects like grasshopper, butterfly, caterpillar, and etc.

6. Auto-imitating intuition

Loves your finch is a must thing when you decided to pet them at your home. First thing that you should do is make them getting used to you. Give them lovely touch and make them comfortable proved make them easier to benign than you let them be. The benign finch will looking for master to be voice imitate model.

Not let’s move on to 6 popular types of finches to pet at home. Here we go:

7. Gold Finches

Like other, this type is not differently far from general finch. The length is around 19 centimeters. On the top of their body as their name is colored with light gold. On the below of their body is light yellow. It is really beautiful. With the head and topknot is black and the red light to their throat and white iris are totally perfection their color. This type is the rarest finch but still loved by birdsong lovers to being pets at home. The male is usually has much kind of tweet than the female.

8. Original finches

The original type is still as best pet of finch to being pets at home. The top of their body is dark brown and the bottom is dark grey. The head and topknot is black and the tail is orange. This type is usually flight in opened place like city forest or garden.

9. Silky finches

This type is also known as Cep-Cep or Cucak Kurincang. Silky finches are the most favorite finch to being pets at home. Their body is dominated with yellow with the head is shiny black. Their top of body is grey-yellow. It also has blue iris, black foot and beak, and also brown foot.

10. Trucukan finches

This type is the most looking for everyone to being as master for their finch at home. Physically, Trucukan finches are similar with original type. The male one has more beautiful tweet than the female. This type is also more smart and easy-benign. Their skill to imitate voice is more similar than other type. That’s all makes it become the most hunted finch type for birdsong lovers. It also increases their value in the trade market.

11. Wilis finches

Wilis finches are also known as Cucak Wilis, Cucak Gunung, or Cucak Rengganis. This type is Indonesian’s original endemic finch. Their habitat is 800-3000 meters from water surface to the cantigi zone. Unfortunately, people are not too interesting to this type. Besides, this type is endangered finch because no one cares and tried to cultivate it, so the population is getting worst during environmental damage and illegal hunting.

12. Zebra finches

This type is also one all the most hunted finch for birdsong lovers. Besides their voice, their beautiful feathers is one thing to be considerate why people looking this bird. Their body is dominated with grey-green color with orange touch in their eyes area. Their below body is covered with white and brown leathers with white dots accent over it. Their beak is orange with black strap in the end side. It also has black eyes. And the last is the reason why this finch called as zebra finch. On the tail side is dominated with black and white color which strapped randomly like zebra. Unlike other finch, this type claimed as perfect package with both beautiful feathers and voices. Their beautiful feathers are also support their original skill like good survivor, smart imitator, and easy-benign.