Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night?

Questions that many dog lover sometimes asked, Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night? Or should we just let our dog sleep indoor forever? Well, if you are confused to choose whether to train your dog to sleep outside, or just to let them sleep inside then you have come to the right place. Now, we are going to discuss whether is it safe or not to let your indoor dog sleep outside at night.

First of all, you need to know that not every dog is suitable for outdoor life. Some of them might be too afraid to sleep outside alone at night, but some of them might just love to sleep outside rather than sleeping indoors. There are also some dogs that trained to sleep outside, especially if you adopt your dog from shelters or adopting a stray dog, your dog might just be easily adjusting to sleeping outside.

The question here, is it safe to leave an indoor dog, a dog who never be trained to sleep outside than to spend their night along the outside? We will discuss with it shortly, so make sure to read this article thoroughly. Now, without more delay, let’s jump to the discussion, shall we?

So, how did we know if our dog is suitable for outside lifestyle or not?

Before deciding whether your dog should sleep outside or let it inside, it depends on where did you get your dog? did you just adopt a stray dog or dog from shelters? If so, most shelters or stray dog is easily adjusted to sleeping outside, since they always sleep outside most of the time. However, if you adopting a dog from a pet shop, or breeder, where dogs especially breed and almost never sleep outside, so it might be quite harsh for them to sleep outside at night and alone.

A stray dog always sleeps outside most of the time. They are adjusted to the harsh life of a stray dog, sleep on the pavement, with very little roof for them, and cold outside. There is always something to learn from the harsh life of a stray dog. If you adopting a stray dog, it is easier for them to be trained to sleep outside, so is the shelter dog. Before you start to train your dog to sleep outside, make sure you won’t have any runaway problems with your dog first.

The opposite of stray and shelters dog, a dog that bought from a pet shop or breeder is mostly trained to sleep inside. Breeder mostly provides their dog a comfortable place to raise them, and mostly train them to sleep inside. You can also ask the breeder if your dog is okay to sleep outside or not. Never push them to sleep outside, except if you want to punish your dog for doing misdeed, however just don’t punish them too harshly.

So, is it safe to leave an indoor dog to sleep outside alone at night?

There are many factors that affect whether is it safe or not for your indoor dog to sleep outside at night. So, you can’t just leave your indoor dog who rarely sleep outside just alone outside at night. If you are confused how is it safe or not to leave your dog to sleep alone at night, then you might want to consider these factors before deciding.

  • The weather, if the weather in your area is warm, not very cold nor very hot, then it is actually okay to leave your dog to sleep outside at night. Just make sure your dog gets proper bedding to sleep. If it is too cold for them, then you should call your dog to sleep inside.
  • The safety of the neighborhood around you. If you are still new in your neighborhood, or if there is quite a crime rate in your neighborhood you should consider to bring your dog inside. If you want to use your dog as a security dog to sleep outside, make sure they are the right breeds like Pitbull, German shepherd, or terrier.
  • Make sure you don’t have any runaway problem. If your dog is still new, consider to just let them sleep inside, so they won’t have any chance to run away at night.
  • Know what your dog is afraid to. Some dog has certain afraid, and some of them don’t have any recognizable fear. Some dogs even fear of loud noise like a firecracker, or loud car horn. If you think that there are things your dog might afraid to outside, then it is not a good choice to let them sleep outside at night, and let them frightened all night.

There are many debates about whether you should let your dog sleep inside, or let it sleep outside. There are many things you need to consider too before trying to train your dog to sleep outside. However, it is natural for a dog to sleep outside, but not every dog is raised or trained to sleep outside. A dog can be excellent security and they can sleep outside to guard your house against a thief, but some dogs aren’t bred for security like a chihuahua.

So, if we back to our main question, Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night? The answer might be different according to you, your dog, and your home. If you are insisting to train your dog to sleep outside, make sure to give them a comfortable place to sleep, foods and drinks, and make sure they’re not frightened to sleep outside.

Did our article help you to answer your question? If you find any tips or tricks that might help to train your dog to sleep outside or any fact about dogs, don’t hesitate to post it in our comment section. Make sure to leave a like, opinion, and comments on your dog. Let’s share our knowledge about lovely pooch so we can be a better master for them.