3 Reasons Why Mix Rex Rabbit is Being The Most Favorite Rabbit to Adopt

There are so many reasons for people to fall in love with rabbits. Among other small pets, rabbits are known as one of the most popular animal. Of course, there are another small creatures you could pet inside you house, for the examples, chinchilla, hamster, and guinea pig. There’s a certain advantage for keeping small pets rather than the larger ones is that they didn’t taken much space inside you house. So, even you just have small house – still, you have freedom to keep small animal without worrying the spaces.

Furthermore, the variation of rabbit breeds such as fluffy rabbit and angora rabbit, Flemish giant rabbit, Lionhead rabbit, and many more give people many extraordinary choices. Not to mention variation of rabbit color that available on each species (which is totally different). However, comes with all this adorable and mesmerizing hair, extra attention must be given to your pet rabbit, as the example is ways to care fluffy rabbit’s hair. Talk about popular species, do you familiar with mix Rex rabbit?

Mix Rex rabbit is one of the famous rabbit adopted by people. Are curious why people like to adopt this friendly little buddy? Let’s take a look: 3 reasons why mix Rex rabbit is being the most favorite rabbit to adopt.

Rex Rabbit

Rex rabbit was officially recognized by American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) as one of nine specimens of domestic rabbits in the world. Furthermore, Rex rabbit is the typical medium-sized rabbit and round body; the weight is about 3.4 to 4.8 kg or about 7.5 to 10.5 pounds. The Rex rabbit have proportional upright ears, a broader head compare to other rabbit, and small feet (but, still very proportional).

This species was originated in 1919 in France, and the origin of this breed was a litter of wild gray rabbits. The fur or Rex rabbit has been described as heavy velvety texture and recognized as one of the fancier fur in industry. That is why, a lot of people try to develop big production of this breed to aim the fur. There are nine of Rex rabbit breeds you would found: Astrex, Mini Rex, Canadian Plush Lop, Miniature Rex, Rex, Plush Lop (miniature), Plush Lop (Standard), Opossum, and Velveteen Lop.

However, these 3 reasons why mix Rex rabbit is being the most favorite rabbit to adopt would be the main consideration why many people love this particular breed.

1. The Color Variants of Rex Rabbit

This breed would absolutely shock you about this particular area. We know that rabbit is one of the animal that is gifted with many variant of colors. This fact might be the reason why rabbit is such a popular pet for people at large on every age. Child, young, and adults, there’s no age limit to love rabbits. So, what does the correlation with Rex rabbit? Well, before I tell you, I must warn that you would surprise by the fact.

So, the fact is that the Rex Rabbit owned about 16 varieties of colors which is recognized by the ARBA. More interesting is that BRC (British Rabbit Council) was recognized about 32 color variant of these breeds! Yes, that was many colors for one breed. Commonly, a Rex rabbit would develop in single variant of color, but there are also some of the rabbits exhibits different spot colors on their coats. One of the example is a common house breed called tri-color Rex Doe.

However, here are some of the colors you would see exhibited by Rex rabbits: broken (the colors that mixed with white), castor, chinchilla, seal, black, opal, white, amber, and Californian. Based on this information, you still dare to wonder why people love to adopt Rex rabbit breed?

2. The Coat Thickness

Keep in mind, the Rex rabbit fur was one of the fancier fur around the fashion industry. This comes for a reason: the excellent quality of the coat. For the excellent quality of Rex rabbit, some people even called this breed as the king of fur rabbit. Furthermore, Rex rabbit is gifted with a unique gene that impact the coat texture that resulted to velvety texture. The extreme dense coat cover all of the body; it’s short but not too short.

The coat would point out instead of against Rex’s body which is exhibited by the majority of rabbits, give this breed a super plushy appearance. Unfortunately, beside people who truly want to keep and raise this breed with love and to be part of the family, the majority of people – in facts – was keep and raise the breed for the fur industry purpose. Rex’s fur – we couldn’t deny it – bring much benefit for the producers.

But, thankfully, the time has reverse; these days, Rex rabbit become a popular pet animal around the world. This unique and wonderful appearance attract people to raise them as pet instead for the profit. So, we should give a big applause for all these big heart people. Are you one of those people, my dear friends?

3. The Temperament and Personality

The last reason why people interesting to adopt Rex Rabbit is their temperament and personality. Rabbits are known for their gently behavior, that is the reason why there’s so many people let their children play with them. This fact is also applied to Rex rabbit. Rex rabbits famous for their friendly nature. The personality was influenced by the genetic to the certain level and extent to the social relationship of the animal itself.

So, certain thing that have been proved is that rabbit get along perfectly to people and other animal. Moreover, Rex rabbit have this amount of tenderness within themselves; they are usually pick for the foster parents to raising another young ones rabbits (parent-less). Furthermore, Rex rabbit is active during the night and early morning, and most of the day they would spend the day with rest.

However, just the same as most if rabbit, Rex is very fun to play with; in short, you will love to be surrounding with this lovely, gentle, adorable creature.