How to Choose The Friendly Rabbit Toys

Rabbit and rabbit, who doesn’t adore this beautiful wonderful little creature? I believe no one. As one of the most favorite small pet among other, rabbits has seized people’s heart. However, there are other competitors to pay attention as chinchilla, hamster, and guinea pig; but, rabbits should never be worry about it, they still have a lot of loyal fans back them up.

There are some factors why people prefer rabbits among other animal, for the examples are the variety of rabbit breeds and habits. We already know some of the most popular rabbit such as mix Rex Rabbit, Fluffy Rabbit and Angora Rabbit, Flemish Giant Rabbit, and etc. These rabbits are quite common in among rabbit’s world. Then we move on to rabbit’s habits and personality that makes people love to pet them. First of all, the first factor (especially all the parents) is the safety, and we know it very well rabbit would not make any severe damage for children.

Rabbit aggression was quite rare happened, that is why a lot of people choose them to be their children companion. Plus, to bond with your pet rabbit is not hard as you think. Rabbit able to recognize people (their owner), and once they close to you, there are no other reason for them to not show their affection toward you, my friends. So, now the other matter is on you, how you give the best treat that they deserve.

Give the most priority to your beloved rabbit pet and fulfill their need to ensure that they live a happy life under your care. Let see, what can we do – oh yes, of course… toys! Yes! Provide all the entertaining and fun toys would be a great reassurance for them, especially if you only have a little amount of time to be play with them. Choosing a perfect toy must be your priority, because not every toy is safe to play. Therefore, today we would give you trick how to choose the friendly rabbit toys to accompany their whole day.

1. Choosing Toys from Pet Stores

Pet store is a great simple way to get all your rabbit pet necessary. The other advantage of choosing toys from the pet stores are most of the toys are safe and have fulfilled legal term and condition that have been appointed. So, how to choose the friendly rabbit toys and what kind of toys we should pick? Here are the answer:

  • Chewing Toys: the first toys you should get is the chewing toys. In fact, rabbit needs many chew toys surround them. Rabbit chew a lot on purpose to wear down their teeth. Why choosing this one; we need to avert our rabbit to chew dangerous materials around them because – my good Lord – they love to chew anything everywhere! Therefore, it’s a wise move for us to provide a better thing to chew which is safe and sound for them. So, the common safe material that available for rabbits are wooden chew toys, willow balls, and compressed chew cube.
  • Dog and Cat Toys: are also a prefect choices for rabbits. Keep in mind, sometime, pet’s toys are made for universal purpose – I mean although its labeled for certain animal, a lot of time its function is made for the need of the majority of animals (pet, of course). One thing you need to do is make sure the toy’s material was strong and not easily chewed off. However, many rabbits interesting to play with cat jingle balls, crinkly dog toys, squeaky dog toys, and hanging bird bells.
  • Baby Toys: would be out next toy list. Remember this, rabbits love to play with baby keys, rattles, stacking cups, and colorful plastic toys. These toys commonly was made for human infants, but if rabbit love it too, so why not? In short is rabbits love what human babies love; as long as the toys was fit enough to put inside rabbit’s cage. But, we may recommend you to choose the wooden ones, because it certainly made from excellent wood with non-toxic sealants.
  • Rolling Toys: not only cat or dog, rabbit surprisingly enjoy chasing something too. That is why, we would suggest you to purchase toys that would easily to move such as ball and plastic slinky toys. Finding these item perhaps would be the easiest one, because on every store, these items was sell. But, you might need to make sure that the plastic slinky have no hole for rabbit to plug their head inside of it. It would cause harm to the rabbit in case their head stuck into it.
  • Other Toys: beside all the list of toys we mentioned above, there are other toys that would be a great option for your beloved rabbit, such as hiding spots and tunnel. It would be so much fun to play!

2. Homemade Toys

However, if you want to save some money and truly want to make sure that your rabbit is play with only safe toys, then you could make homemade toys with your own hands. So, we would give you some ideas of easy making homemade rabbit’s toys:

  • Homemade Chew Toys: all the matter about the chew toys are the toys was made up from strong and safe material. So, all you need to do is gather all items that could be a good one to chew. The key you need to keep in mind is that the item is not radiated with any chemicals. Here are the list of safe materials to use: cotton towel, phone book, cardboard egg, woven grass, and wicker paper.
  • Toilet Paper Roll: don’t throw away your toilet paper roll guys, because it could be a perfect alternative for a rabbit’s toy. The steps are cut the edges of the paper roll then bend them out. Use rabbit’s hay to stuff the tube.
  • Cardboard: could be a perfect hiding place for rabbit! All you need to do is make the entrance for the way in and out for your rabbit, and the rest that would happen is that your beloved rabbit would happily play hide and seek with the cardboard. To make it more attractive, some people decorate the cardboard with colors and accessories.