7 Spectacular Sharks Around the World – Watch Out!

Known for their brute force and amazing strength, sharks are known to be predators of the seas or rivers. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on where they originate.

Some sharks are gigantic freshwater fishes while others are seawater. Wherever the shark lives in, its size would at least be 1 meter long when it reaches adulthood.

While some sharks are known to be aggressive, they are calm animals but also carnivorous. So when they have the chance to hunt, they will do it.

When these animals hunt, they hunt at night because they are nocturnal animals. But besides that, sharks have an incredible amount of teeth. So when their teeth fall off, they have backup teeth.

Sharks vary in looks and their physical conditions, this is because they live in different parts of the ocean. Some may live in shallow waters, while others may live deep in the ocean. Each of these traits gives the sharks a unique characteristic.

Deep living sharks may have thicker skin and stronger muscles to withstand the high pressure underwater. Or even better eyesight to see dark underwater.

Regardless of where they live, we will discuss sharks from all around the work. So stick with us until the end.

  1. Pacific Sleeper Shark

First and foremost, the pacific sleep shark is a monster of the North Pacific ocean. They are specifically deep-sea creatures as their skin is thickened and has more scars.

These sharks also hunt deep below the water, which is why their main diet are animals such as octopuses and other fishes. Sometimes they would even consume giant octopuses.

They are called as sleeper sharks as they are not aggressive and mostly roam around because they are slow-moving animals. But when they are being chased by killer whales, they have to run for their lives of course.

  1. Thresher Shark

Next in line is a bigger beast with stronger swimming power. Unlike the previous shark, the thresher shark has a long tail. Half of its body length is its tail. The thresher shark can be found in the tropical seas all around the world.

This shark is also known to be one of the fastest swimming animals with a speed of almost 50 km/h. Its main diets are schooling fishes, or huge groups of fishes as well as cephalopods such as squids and cuttlefish.

One main characteristic that stands out from this shark is how it uses its tail to wound its prey. It would whip its tail and stun its prey.

  1. Great Hammerhead Shark

Odd but funny-looking, this shark has a flat-shaped head. Its eyes are located at the very left and right of its head. Its main diet is a stingray fish.

That is also why the hammerhead shark can be found only near coastlines and shallow places. Sometimes these sharks could also be found near beaches, so be careful when you go swimming.

With its flat head characteristic, this fish would use its head to its advantage. This fish would push down on a stingray and pin it onto the sand.

Its head is also useful to scan around, and on top of that, this fish has a wider eyesight.

  1. Great White Shark

With a huge body length of 6 meters, this shark is the most famous of them all. It has incredible hunting ability such as swimming and biting. The great white shark would be careful and swim below its prey.

After observing its prey, it would bite into its prey and pull it upwards towards the surface of the waters. The shark would then wiggle its prey until it dies.

The diets of great white sharks themselves are more elite than others. This type of shark eat larger animals such as seals and dolphins. They even prefer fattier parts of the prey than the meatier part.

  1. Tiger Shark

This traveler goes coast to coast when it comes to hunting and swimming. That is because this animal is a migratory animal that will move to a new place during cold seasons.

They can pretty much be found everywhere in the world, but when it is winter, these types of shark can mostly be found in tropical countries where it is warmer.

Besides all its behavior, this shark is mainly recognized for the stripes on its body. Well yep, even sharks can have patterns on their body too!

  1. Basking Shark

Who knew sharks could eat without any teeth? Well, this shark is a humongous shark that feeds without any sharp teeth. Instead, the basking shark uses its mouth to filter small sea creatures such as planktons and shrimps.

This method of eating food is mainly adopted from whales, whales also use the same way to eat food which is by filtering through the gills or mouth.

  1. Megamouth Shark

With a mouth of over 1 meter wide, this shark is a rare species to find. When hungry, it wouldn’t chase around other fishes for food, but instead, it would open its mouth wide to catch jellyfish as well as other venomous animals.

Similar to other fishes, this megamouth shark is a deep-sea creature and it lives 4600 meters below the water surface. Weighing over 1 ton, it makes it extremely hard for scientists to study this animal.

There are no official counts of the population, but up to this date, only around 60 have been seen all around the world.