10 Signs That a Dog Insanely Happy When the Owner Gets Home

Frankly speaking i do believe that wolves and dogs are related to each other and scientist generally agree they are both are sub-species of canis lupus. We can clearly see behaviors in wolves that are similar to those expressed by dogs. For example, wolves greet each other by licking each other faces. Unlike wolves, dogs are categorically different by virtue. Dogs have the ability to accept novelty that is why dogs get along with humans so well. For social animal like dogs, they take us human as their family and reunite with a family member will make him insanely happy. There are 5 signs that a dog insanely happy when the owner gets home, and looking at their reaction is so priceless.

Social Animal

Dogs sometimes go solo on a temporary basis if they are sufficiently motivated to do so and they perceive that social contact can be resumed at virtually anytime. The excessive level of greeting that can be seen in some dogs is likely due to the fact that they have not yet learned to accept the possibility of non-voluntary detachment. In simple language, Dogs do live in pact and losing one of them is a burden for them. Dogs could live as long as 15 years or more and every 8 hours our time it is like a day for them. That is the reason of excessive excitement come from. Social animal like dogs would feel pretty boring without any company and this would feel unpleasant. When you return to your dog after working, they will insanely greet you at the door step, and it depends on you how to react to this excessive greetings. It is normal for pet owners to have greetings ritual, but it can be redirected in ways to make it easier on the owner such that everyone enjoys it. Here are the 5 signs that a dog insanely happy when the owner get home.

1. Wagging Tail

Dogs are able to smell a  person standing upwind at 40 feet away. You will see him waging his tail, tough he cannot see you from inside the house, but he can smell you from afar. It may slowly waging his tails at the beginning because he still unsure, but when he sees you, it will become a full body tail wags. He would wags his tail like crazy that it makes his body moves along, fast. We should not take a wagging tail as a particular mood, but a sign of willingness to interact. Simply put, the dog is open to interaction, not that the dog is friendly.

A full body tail wags generally indicates a friendly dog who is ready for a friendly interaction.

2. Licks and Kisses

Mouthing and nipping starts at puppy-hood and carry on to adult dog. And if you don`t like your dog mouthing and nipping you can always train him to redirect this behavior. Different from mouthing and nipping; Licks and kisses is one of many ways mother dog shows her affection towards her puppies. And they perform the same habit to you because they insanely happy for you and love you unconditionally.

3. Jump and Lean

Over-stimulation of excitement drives people crazy including dogs. You will see him jumping up and down at the window pane so they could see you on the other side. Tough you are holding him, he will keep on jumping on you and stay lean close to you beg for a big hug from you. This behavior shows how insanely happy he sees you again.

4. Bow Down and Bring You His Favorite Toys

Seeing you again after a day without your company is like a week for him. There is no question that every dog would insanely happy when the owner get home. For some reason you will see that your dog would bow down to you, this generally because he wanted to play with you. For example, he would bring his favorite toys to you and ask you to play with him by bowing down.

5. They Freak Out and Cries Hysterically

Some dogs resemble a drama queen, but with less teen problems. They will freak out in a moment then cries like a little girl whenever you come home. Do not worry when he cries hysterically because it is normal reaction even humans will react the same, even me. Let’s say i will meet Beyonce in person (i wish), i would cry hysterically and then pass out.

6. Submissive Urination

Submissive urination is normal canine communication to show social appeasement. Not all dogs submissively urinate but when they are exceptionally excited or feeling submissive or intimidated.

7. Mouth and Nip Your Arm

In puppy-hood, it is normal to mouth and nip your arm, but when your dog is excited to see you, then he would mouth and nip your arms out of habit. Most pet owners do not enjoy dogs who mouth and nip their hands or clothing, but we happen to have ways to stop your dog from biting and nipping.

8. Show Their Belly

Personally, i choose a calm dog over aggressive one. The one that roll on the floor and show their belly begging for a rub. Whenever i come home he would greet me by laying on the floor and show his belly, instead of being trampled on.

9. Actively Moving

Imagine your dog is “high” and combine it with sugar-rush. You get a dog that would just -run from room to room, barking along the hall, and turn a beautiful house into a cleaning nightmare!-. That is how it feels how to be a dog, with so much energy and affection. Just thinking about you makes him “on fire”.

10. Smile

Yup, a simply-pure smile from innocent dog. A smile that comes from unconditional love they have for you that no one (even my girlfriend) could give. Your obedience training will give a huge impact on his behavior too. A calm dog that behave accordingly and able to redirect his own emotion to non-destructive behavior.