12 Symptoms That Your Rabbit is Sick (Must Know !)

Hi rabbit lovers! When we take care the rabbit, we should really be loving and caring caring for our rabbit. You also have to understand and memorize all the movements and behavior of your rabbit.  For taking care the rabbit, it can be more difficult without its mother so here are Most Important Guide To Take Care of Baby Bunny Without Its Mother. Sometimes, when you caring your rabbit, you must have found strange things or even different attitudes possessed by each rabbit. In this case, if you see any difference in attitude to your rabbit then you have to respond quickly and handling it. It is possible that your rabbit is stress or even being sick.

For you who do not really understand how to maintain your rabbit, you should have to find information about this. If not, then your rabbit will be sick and death. In this case, it is necessary to take care of your rabbits and absolutely you have to know about the symptomes when they are sick or not. If your rabbit is sick, you should find out about their illness. So, here will be described 12 Symptoms That Your Rabbit is Sick.

1. Change the position of your rabbit’s ears

The function of the rabbit’s ear is to keep the temperature on the body. If you see that your rabbit turns into a backward bend, then it can be caused by the cage that they occupies is damp and cold. But, when you hold your rabbit’s ear and feel warm, it can be one of the symptoms that your rabbit is getting fever. If your rabbit get a fever, you should separate from other rabbits because it can endangered others.

2. losing of appetite to eat

One of the features that indicate that your rabbit is sick is losing appetite to eat. Just like any other living creature, the rabbit will also experience less appetite when experiencing pain. Basically, this rabbit is one of the animals who like to eat or snacking. So, if you see your rabbit lack of appetite is worth to watch out for. This can be a sign that your rabbit is ill.

3. Drink more than eat

Associated with previous symptoms, if your rabbit sick then he will reduce the portion of his meal, but will drink more. This is certainly different from us, if we drink a lot then it indicates that we are healthy but not on rabbits. If your rabbit drinks a lot of water, this will cause your rabbit to become bloated, diarrhea. Diarrhea will even lead to death.

4. Less moving and less motion like usual

This must also apply to other living things. If your rabbit is not as active as usual, then this could be a sign that your rabbit is sick. Rabbits are actually one of the lively animals, especially at night. Usually he is more active at night than during the day. However, if you find your rabbit suddenly becomes quiet, self-defeating, and certainly not as usual then you could say that your rabbit is sick. But usually, for your references if you wanna try making you rabbit be more acctive so here are 7 Useful Tips to Make Your Rabbit Busy at Home

5. Your rabbit’s urine color changes, unlike usual.

When you watch over your rabbits, it’s good to always pay attention to the condition of your rabbit’s urine on a regular basis. In fact, a lot of people who often underestimate this problem. However, for now it’s good to start paying attention to this. If the urine color becomes more cloudy than usual and thick, then it is possible that your rabbit is sick at the time. Therefore, quickly handle and treat your rabbit immediately.

6. Your rabbit fur has fallen

In humans, if we experience a fall in our hair then it can indicate that we are experiencing stress. Just like what happens to your rabbit, if your rabbit has fallen out on his feathers then this indicates that your rabbit is under stress or maybe your rabbit is sick. If your rabbit is healthy, then the fur will not fall out.

7. Look tired can be seen on the eyes of your rabbit

Usually tired eyes that occur in your rabbit is caused by losing appetite. Your rabbit is experiencing a decrease in consuming the food as usual, so it makes your rabbit’s eyes look tired because of lack of energy and nutrients.

8. Pale face on your rabbit

Humans when eating less food can cause our faces become paler than usual. This also applies to your rabbit. If your rabbit does not eat enough, then his face will be pale that indicates your rabbit is currently not feeling well. But sometimes a lot of people are not paying attention to this and consider this ordinary things only. You should quickly handle it.

9. Your bunny stomach becomes distended

If your bunny is bloated, there are four possibilities that your rabbit is experiencing. The first possibility is your rabbit is pregnant, usually if your female rabbits are pregnant then the stomach will be enlarged because it contains prospective baby rabbits. The second possibility is that your rabbit is obese, usually to know that your rabbit is obese then the other body parts will also experience enlargement. The third possibility is that your rabbit has worms, this can be overcome by giving the right deworming drug to your rabbit. The last possibility is that your rabbit is bloated on his stomach. This is very dangerous, because this may cause your rabbit to be sick. Abdominal bloating in rabbits is a very dangerous problem because it can cause death in your rabbit. Therefore, if this happens you should quickly take him to the nearest veterinarian. The one causes of this problem is the cage of your rabbit, so here are 10 Steps to Build A Comfy Cage for Your Rabbit or 5 Easy Ways to Rabbit-Proof Your House (if you wanna take care you rabbit at home not cage)

 10. The shape of feces on your rabbit changed

The shape of the stool of a rabbit that is not sick is usually normal, not fluid and not hard. However, there are some fecal form criteria that you should anticipate. If the shape of your rabbit’s feces is liquid, then this is a sign that your rabbit is currently experiencing diarrhea. However, if your rabbit’s stool forms hard, then the chances of your rabbit being dehydrated. Therefore, you should give your rabbit enough beverage. No exaggeration and no shortage.

11. The eyes of your rabbit are watery

The sign that your rabbit’s eyes are watery is one sign of the serious illness that your rabbit is suffering from. If this has happened, then it’s good you to immediately go to the nearest veterinarian to cure diseases in your rabbit.

12. Your rabbit’s nose is watery

If your rabbit’s nose is already watery, this is also one of the signs that your rabbit is experiencing severe pain. This is because the immune system in your rabbit’s body weakens causing the battery to easily damage your rabbit’s immune system. You should immediately bring your rabbit the nearest veterinarian.

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