8 Most Popular Animals that Build Their Own Homes

Have you ever wondered what kind of animals builds their own homes? Such as humans, and some animals also can build their own homes. You may familiar with some of them around your neighborhood. Animals that build their own homes commonly live in the colony so that they are capable to do it. This type […]

Bravo! Meet the Top 9 Smartest Animals in the World!

Animals, starting from the smallest one to the largest one, have their own capabilities and specialties. Many people thought that animals are not as smart as humans. Yes, indeed, that’s true. Animals cannot be compared to humans, but they are also smart in their own ways. Some animals are incredibly smart so that they are […]

7 Animals which Have Amazing Sense of Smell in the World

Each animal has the most prominent sense inside. There are animals that have a sharp sense of sight like eagles, the ability to run very fast like cheetahs, a very adept at climbing like monkeys, a sharp sense of hearing like bats and much more. In addition to the abilities above, there are also animals […]