8 Practical Ways to Stop Your Dogs from Barking at Night

Dogs love barking, either at night or during the day. Both are disturbing, but it will be more disturbing at night. This situation might be frustrating for you, especially when it seems that your dog is making noise for no apparent reason. Your dog probably is not barking at ghosts that roam through the halls […]

8 Common Situations That Makes a Dog Keeps Barking

Barking is natural behaviour and form of communication for dogs, along with howling, growling, whining, yipping, and yelping. Dogs barking have so many meanings, such as to show that they are happy, scared, bored, want something, to alert people, etc. There are some dog breeds that have the tendency to bark more than other breeds, […]

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

Dogs bark because of many reasons. They may give warning, playing or asking to play, exciting, as a reaction, or fear. But some dogs will bark even at the slightest noise, movement, or normal thing and they can be noisy and frustrating. That’s why you need to train your dog and know how to train […]