Is It Effective to Use Food When Train A Dog?

Have you ever trained your dogs to do some tricks? It is exciting to watch our furry friend play with us. But training our dogs to do tricks such as rolling on the floor, shaking hands (or paws), or even a simple trick like sitting, can be a little bit… well, tricky. Dog is already […]

3 Tips For Training Sheepdogs: Your Sheep Farming Assistant

Hello welcome to our humble, little animal care website that will happily help any pet owner who wants to be the best for their pet. If you want to be the best pet owner for the sake of your own pet, easy guidance for your pet, and interesting information about animals, then you might want […]

10 Essentials Commands You Must Teach Your Dog

What dogs learn about commands for the very first time is the most essential lesson to be able to live independently although they live close to their human family guard. Those basic commands training can be very helpful for both the dog owner and the dog itself. The method or in this case the command […]

5 signs that your dog truly respect you

A dog is a loyal creature, and therefore if you treat them right, they will respect you and gives you a lot of their loves and loyalty. They can be a brave pet to guard your home, cute pet to accompany you, and even you can teach them neat tricks. If you treat them right, […]

4 safe tips to keep your dog sleep outside at night

Sometimes, it is the best way if you keep your dog outside, and let it sleep outside at night. Some might consider that keeping a dog sleeping outside at night is harsh, and not wise, however, it can also the good way to make sure your house is neat, and to discipline your dog. If […]

How long can you keep your dog outside?

There is a lot of pet owner who wonders, how long can we keep our dog outside, how long we can leave them outside alone, Is it safe to keep them for a long time outside of our house? If you want to make sure your dog is safe and sound, and can still playing […]

How to safely travel by car with your dog

Traveling with your dog can be very rewarding, and fun experience. It can be very memorable for you, your pooch and your family. Taking a trip on the beach in the heat of summer with your lovely dog and family members, taking a trip to the mountain, going camping with your dog, and many more […]

8 Tips To Teach Your Puppy Not To Be Afraid Staying Alone In The House

Having your first dog is an amazing feeling especially when you looking at his super cute wide eyes and little squeaky voice. However, you need to leave your dog alone at home everyday. Having that dilema, you want to find the best solution for the problem. So here are 8 tips how to teach your […]

How to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

Dogs bark because of many reasons. They may give warning, playing or asking to play, exciting, as a reaction, or fear. But some dogs will bark even at the slightest noise, movement, or normal thing and they can be noisy and frustrating. That’s why you need to train your dog and know how to train […]

How to Make a Dog Listen and Obey to You Outside

Nothing beats a long walk with your four-legged friend on sun bath, sandy beach. Or seeing the joy on their faces as they pick up the ball and they know it is play time in the local park. Even hanging out on the couch at home feels great on each other company. It is true […]