6 Reasons of Your Cat’s Sudden Weight Loss -Important Notice for Owners

Losing weight for some people might be pleasing, but how about for your cats? Losing weight might lead to better health condition if your cat is overweight before. However, if your cat is in its normal weight and suddenly losing weight without any reasons, then you might start being worried.

Having a healthy cat is a dream of every owner. Some owners wish to have their cats fattened a little bit, while some others wish their cats will lose some weight.

Being overweight is strongly not good, but being underweight is not good either. One of the ways of losing weight for overweight cat is by exercising and these are workout ideas for your fat cat that you can simply do at home.

If you notice that your cats lose weight due to unclear reasons, then you need to pay more attention to it. By knowing the reasons why your cats lose weight, it will determine the solution you can apply to your cat. Here are the 6 reasons your cat’s sudden weight loss which is an important notice for owner.

  • Anxiety

Similar to humans, anxiety might have great impact on your cat’s weight. Cats which go through psychological stress may not be interested with their food.

As a result, they start to lose weight. There are some conditions that might lead to anxiety in cats, such as excessive noise, dirty food, or the presence of other cats at home.

If your cat experiences anxiety, you can symptoms of cats anxiety. Have a good understanding of the symptoms and decide the best way to solve it. Anxiety can also be solved by giving some fun time for your cat by these 6 fun games to play with your beloved cats.

  • Toothache

Toothache is painful and it will be hurt for the cats to chew their food comfortably. Instead of feeling the pain, they might tend to avoid eating. As a result, they start to lose weight.

Make sure you notice this problem by having a checkup to your vet. If you are not sure whether your cat experiences tooth problems or not, you can check some symptoms, such as drooling and pawing at the mouth.

There are some other reasons why your cat is drooling. Check them out.

  • Diabetes

Failure in producing a hormone, called insulin leads to diabetes. Diabetes possibly causes loss of appetite in cats. Cats which suffer from diabetes commonly drink excessive amount of water, have more frequency of urination and have urinary tract infections.

Diabetes is one of the common diseases of cat. Though it is common to be experienced by cat, you still need to be aware of this disease.

  • Gastrointestinal Problems

Inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies and other issues related to gastrointestinal problems may cause a sudden weight loss to your cats. You can directly contact your vet to find the best solution about your cats’ diet change and weight loss.

Gastrointestinal problem can be one of the causes of dehydration in cats. Diabetes is a really serious disease needs to be treated carefully.

  • Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is the condition where the level of thyroid hormones in your cat’s body is too much. It can be experienced by a cat which age is around 12 to 13 years old, however younger cats is likely to experience this too. Do you know that hyperthyroidism is one of the reasons of cat eating much but acting normal?

Similar to diabetes, hyperthyroidism stimulates the metabolism and heat production in the body. That’s why even your cat feels hungry, it still loses weight.

  • Inappropriate Diet

Some cats might be known for being picky eaters, they like particular food. Cats like the food that they used to eat since they are young. However, if the diet is inappropriate for them, especially in the growing phase, their body will not absorb the nutrients they are supposed to be. Food with poor nutrients and lack of food given might be the reasons of your cat’s sudden weight loss.

You can refer to these best nutrition facts that should be contained in cat food before deciding to give your cat some food. Make sure that the food is nutritious for them!

Getting enough amount of healthy and nutritious food is every cat’s right. If you think that you feed your cat adequately, but your cat is still underweight, then you have to start exploring these 6 reasons of your cat’s sudden weight loss. As an owner, you need to notice these reasons earlier to prevent further harmful effects to your cat.

If you are adopting a malnourished cat that is underweight, you can find some tips to help malnourished cat to gain weight.