Celebration of Gai Jatra in Nepal You Should Know

Remember about the previous article about facts of Gai Jatra, The Nepal Festival of Cows? In this article, we will talk more about the celebration. Gai Jatra is a festival of cows that celebrated in the month of Badhra, according to Hindu calendar, or August to September. Despite of the name, Gai Jatra holds more […]

7 Facts Gai Jatra “The Nepal Festival of Cows”

We have talked about festivals that are dedicated to common pets like dogs or cats. How about another animal, for example, cows? There is a festival dedicated to cows in Nepal. If you remember from the previous article, there is Kukur Tihar, a day of dogs in Nepal. Turns out, dogs are not the only […]

Can Sheeps And Cows Be Good Friends? Explaining The Relationship

Hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our humble website where we hope to guide any animal lovers, pet master, and wannabe pet owner to provide the best for their pets. We provides multiple of guide, tips and also animal fun facts that sure interesting and some of it might catch your interest. We […]

How to Take Care of Dairy Cow During Winter

Winter is coming. It’s time to manage your cattle farm for the upcoming season. Here we are going to talk about how to take care of dairy cow during winter. We would manage the farm so we can take care of the dairy cow properly during winter. Dairy calf and heifer are very important for […]

How To Treat Cows That Can’t Stand Up

Do you know what a recumbent cow is? That is a cow lying down and cannot stand up on their own effort. Often we see animals lying down and cannot stand up on their own. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with their feet, their health or not because of having walked for a long distance. This […]

3 Guides to Make Your Cow Drinking Enough Water

Do you know that cow will need at least 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of milk? Water is very important for a dairy cow. Cow’s body weight is 50 – 80% water, depending on its age. And milk is 87%. So without enough water, it’s hard to produce milk. Thinking of adopting […]

10 Common Causes of Cattle Losing Appetite

This will become a huge problem for the cattle owners if they find the cattle lost their appetite. As the animals can’t speak to tell us what they are feeling, then we should find out what is the cause of their losing appetite. We can’t let this problem to be solved on its own as […]

How To Increase Appetite In Cattle

A healthy animal is easily shown from his appetite. The animal will eat and drink without problems. However, due to some internal or external factors like illness and weather changes, their appetite can change. They might stop eating and drinking. If this happens in long period, it will cause their health risk. I would recommend […]

9 Natural Methods To Control Flies On Cattle

Flies are everywhere when spring comes. It’s not only annoyance to your cattle, but also will affect their productivity. Before temperature start to rise, it’s better to take precaution to control it to keep your cattle live more comfort. Fly can affect poor health in general for your cattle. It can also cause stress which […]

5 Things you Should Know Before Starting a Cattle Farm

There are many reason for people to start a cattle farm, it can be for the prospect business or maybe just for a personal pleasure. If you live in the countryside with huge land as your backyard, starting a cattle farm might fill up your personal use. Starting a cattle farm will require a lot […]