5 Things you Should Know Before Starting a Cattle Farm

There are many reason for people to start a cattle farm, it can be for the prospect business or maybe just for a personal pleasure. If you live in the countryside with huge land as your backyard, starting a cattle farm might fill up your personal use. Starting a cattle farm will require a lot […]

How to Develop and Manage a Small Cattle Farm

For a beginner starting with a small cattle farm scale is pretty much a good idea, especially if you have limited budget and resources. The opportunities of small cattle farm is lay on the development and managing their production efficiency. You need to increase your knowledge in order to have that efficiency so you can […]

9 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are known for type of breed that could produce huge quantity of milk, they usually raise for the milk purpose only so they need to be mate regularly. It is better for dairy cow owner to take care of their cow with a good manner. Feeding the dairy cows and keep their comfort […]

10 Effective Ways To Start A Small Cattle Farm

Cattle farming is one profitable business idea, but raising cattle properly requires money, land and skill. Due their large size, at least you need strong fencing, water tank and grazing land for them to move around. That is why you should reconsider your resource before starting a small cattle farm business. The first thing you […]

4 Guide to Take Care of Beef Cattle

Owning and raising beef cattle could have been a good business idea. But you need to have good management system and good way to take care of beef cattle to make it successful. Owning a beef cattle require to do feeding, maintaining facilities, monitoring sign of illness from cattle, assisting with calving and performing artificial […]

How To Have Mini Cow As Your Pet

Usually people tend to use dogs, cats even fishes to be their pet at home. But if you live in the country side, or a deserted neighbourhood. On a large house, or just a huge backyard, you might want to consider having a mini cows as your pet. Miniature cows or just mini cows are […]

Things to Know About Dairy Cows to Breed

One of the purpose of doing cattle farming is for the milk production, raising dairy cows requires close attention so they could produce many milk as possible. Having dairy cows to breed will require some planning, close observation, regular mating and regular milk production. Dairy cows need to breed in order to produce calves to […]

Effective Ways To Take Care of Cow After Delivery

After delivery is the most difficult and stressful time for cows even when they are healthy. It’s is one important thing for cow’s owner to know the essential ways to take care of cow after delivery,for the sake of making the cow feel more comfortable. There always a difficulty or even complication when cows given […]

10 Facts To Love About Cows

Many people sees cows as merely as farm animal who are big, slow and could not do much because they tend to label as ‘lazy’ because you just have not find what to love about cows. Unlike dogs or cats who have been knows as wonderful animals and great to be pet, cows are known […]

How To Do Cattle Farming for Beginner

Beef are the most popular meat in the world, almost every group society allows to ear beef meat. You can also find beef in every corner in the world quite easily. Cows are one of the most popular animal to be farmed. From cows, farmers could get plenty of benefits starting from their meat, then […]