How To Care About Dog Seizure

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Now, as for today, we are going to talk about dogs care. Dogs are men’s best friend and they are considered to be one of the best pets to have. Dogs are loyal, smart, and they can be trained for many purpose and tricks from guarding your house, fetch tricks, sit, finding tracks, and even for sheep dogs. Dogs are truly men’s best friends. They populate all around the world, especially around humans, and they serve many purpose from hunting dogs, sheep dogs, guard dogs, military dogs, drug sniffing dogs, bomb disposal dogs, and even simple house pet. Dogs are loved by everyone from all around the world.

If you want to take care of dogs, then you will need to be careful, attentive and also patient. Dogs can be so demanding and need lot of attention, especially when they aren’t well trained or still pups. Dogs can also inflicted with lot of diseases. Some of diseases aren’t really dangerous and you shouldn’t worry about, however some of diseases can be fatal, contagious and dangerous not only to dogs, but harmful to other people all around it. One of the dangerous dog disease is dog seizures. This harmful disease can be pretty fatal and dangerous if you don’t know how to take care of it. What is dog seizure? And How To Care About Dog Seizure? Today we are going to discuss about it shortly.

The explanation of dog seizure and step on how to take care of it

Seizure or epilepsy is one neurological condition on creature. Seizure or sometimes also called convulsion is one temporary disturbance of brain function. Seizure is followed by uncontrollable muscle activity. However there are differences between seizure and epilepsy, as seizure is just one twitch and convulsion that is temporary, while epilepsy is repeated, continuous and happen often in lifetime. Dog seizure is one single convulsion of dog, happened because there is disturbance in normal brain activity that cause abnormal and inappropriate muscle activity.

There are many causes of seizures from brain tumors, kidney failure, brain trauma, poison, liver disease, concussion or inherited from their DNA. If parents dog are happen to have some seizure case, there is bigger chance that their pups will have seizures too in their lifetime. So, what are we going to do if your dog happens to have seizure? And what is the best way to cure them? Here are the steps you need to take if your dog is suddenly having seizure.

  • Don’t panic and remain calm

One thing you should avoid when your pet is getting seizure is to panic. Whenever you panic, you will do anything wrong, and it may injure your beloved pets and endanger it lot more and people all around them. Remain calm, and be in control. Make sure you know what to do, and never to be so quick to panic. One thing you should do first before anything else is to make sure you remain calm whenever or wherever the seizure might happen.

  • Protect your dogs head, remove any object that might cause injury

During seizures, your dog won’t be able to control their muscle caused by brain disorder. One thing you should avoid is to have your dog’s head hit by hard object, leaving him to get concussion in their brain and making seizure even worse. Make sure to give your dogs room during seizure, remove any hard objects that might endanger him during seizure, and make sure your dogs head is protected so it won’t bump to any hard objects. You can also try to bring in some pillows to make sure your dog will bump into pillows and not furniture. Give it some room until the seizure is lifted.

  • Place pressure on your dog’s eyeballs

To help your dogs to relieve seizure, you can put a pressure on its eyeballs. Putting pressure in your dogs eyes for at least one minute could stimulate vagus nerve. Vagus nerve is a nerve that could send calming signal to affected brain nervous system, slowing down the nerve activity and steadily will calm your dog during seizure. If your dog is having seizure, then pressing on its eyeballs will gradually calm them, and it will significantly shorten the duration of seizure for your dogs.

  • Don’t try to give medication during seizure

During seizure, your dog is not in control of their muscle, which means they will twitch and won’t do anything and can’t control of its behaviour. Simple muscle task such as swallowing, standing up, walking will become impossible and therefore your dog is pretty much helpless. If you have some seizure medication and you try to give it to your dog, make sure you do not put your medication in its mouth during seizure. Your dog won’t be able to swallow the medications and there are also big chances you will get bitten. Your dog can choke on the medication, and won’t be able to control its jaw, and it will bite you accidently.

  • Seek emergency vets help

One thing you should do quickly if you don’t know what to do, and don’t know on How To Care About Dog Seizure then you should contact emergency vets number. Emergency service of vets could help to mitigate damage of seizure, and make sure your dog will be relieved of seizure. If your dog happen to have seizure in the past time, there are chances that your dog will have it again in the future. You should consult it with your vets for their medication and prevention of seizure.