6 Reasons Why Your Dog Refuses to Go Out and How to Handle

Keeping a dog as your companion at home is the best thing ever. Dog is well-known for being loyal and cheerful creature. As a dog owner, there are several things you need to pay attention to, such as its food, some symptoms that you need to understand, how to take care of it and so on.

You can see the tips on simple exercises for your dog to maintain its health. Dogs should exercise, just like us! Or you can assure yourself about dog’s food by reading is it possible to do feeding dogs by giving vegetables-what to know?

Bringing your dog outside is another interesting issue in keeping dog as a pet. Dogs love to go outside, even for just a short walk for peeing or pooping. By bringing your dog outside, your dog will get the fresh air and fit body at the same time.

However, if your dog refuses to go outside, then there must be something happening to your dog. You might see the symptoms of how your dogs try to communicate with you by showing some expressions or gestures that it does not feel comfortable of getting outside the house. Here are the 6 reasons why your dog refuses to go outside and how to handle them.

  • Poor Social Skills

If you have a dog that doesn’t get along with other dogs outside, then it might have poor social skills. If your dog is not comfortable for being around other dogs, then it will possibly refuse to go out.

Early age socialization is important and essential as it might affect your dog’s social skills when it is adult. If you have puppies, then start making them socialized properly.

During the first 16 weeks, get them socialized with any types of animals and people so they will be able to conquer their fear when they are growing up.

If you plant to introduce your dog to a cat, you can follow the the tips on how to introduce a newly dog to your cat. Who knows they can get along well!

  • Bad Memories

This might be the most common reasons why your dog refuses to go out. Unpleasant things that happen outside the house might give them anxiety. The bad memories can be stung by a bee or fallen into the river.

Dogs are cunning creatures so they remember events just like us humans. Bad memories even for us humans give us trauma, so do for dogs. You might enrich your knowledge about signs of dog with trauma and get to know how to handle them.

To handle this situation, you can slowly bring your dog outside for a short time. Give your dog a reward or treat for being able to go out though it is just for a while.

  • Unfamiliar Environment

Just like humans, when dogs are exposed to the unfamiliar environment, they might get scared or anxious. This commonly happens to a dog that has just move to a new house.

If it happens, your dog might feel confused of the new environment that it does not get used to. The only solution to this reason is take your time slowly to get your dog used to the new environment.

Let your dog experience and feel its surrounding before going outside the house. If you just adopt a new dog, see these ways of making your newly adopted dog feel comfortable-must be known for dog owners.

  • Sensitive to Sound

Dog is one of the animals that have sensitive hearing. They can hear something beyond our hearing capability. When your house is really crowded and has a lot of noise, then your dog might be affected.

Your house might be very quiet and safe for the dog but the outside world might be totally different. If this case happens, take your dog out while the condition is not that crowded, for example during the off-peak hours.

  • Uncomfortable Leash

Leash should be comfortable not expensive or fancy. Dog owners should consider this as their leash preference. Once your dog is not comfortable with the leash, then it won’t feel eager to go outside the house.

Make sure the leash or collar that your dog uses is comfortable enough, not too heavy or oversize.See the tips on how to choose the right dog collar for your dog.

  • Your Dog Might be Sick

When your dog keeps refusing to go out, then think about something painful it might experience. There are some medical issues that make your dog feels uncomfortable of going outside, such as injuries, pains due to age, and even cancers.

If you experience this kind of situation, never hesitate to consult with your vet. But before that, you can check whether there is any hidden injuries on its paws or nails. If there is not, go to your vet and consult about your dog’s condition. Prevention is better than cure.

Walking with your dog is an interesting activity you can spend in the morning or in the evening. Make sure your dog stays healthy and happy so that you can enjoy your quality time with your dog.