5 Worst Dog Myths You Probably Ever Heard as Dog Owner

If you are a dog owner, then you might ever hear one or few of these dog myths. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding a dog, and their behavior from all around the world. Some of this dog myth might just hearsay, or stereotype that based on no scientific method or research. If you believe one of this myth, you might think about it again, and start to seek the truth and the real scientific facts about our dog.

There are many myths about our dog, dog treatment, dog behavior and many more. The most popular myth about a dog, for example, is, a dog is a mortal enemy of cat and should not be bought together. Is it true? That dog is a mortal enemy of a cat? Not exactly, as the dog can also become a good friend with a cat. A myth about a dog eating grass, a myth about dog chewing on shoes, and there are also several other myths you need to check out here and seek out the truth.

Now, we are here to help you seek the truth from all of this myth, and debunk them one by one. We have compiled much information here from various source and research you can count on, and believe. We are here to help you open up your mind about various myth surrounding dog and their behavior. Now, let’s check out our 5 worst dog myths you probably ever heard as dog owner.

If you believe one of this myth, start to seek out the truth behind it

dog-mythsThere is actually a countless number of myth surrounding a dog from all over the world. The number of the myth is countless because there are countless of people believing in rumor, hearsays, and stereotype. If you start to believe in one myth, make sure you browse for the facts, ask professional vets, or ask any other dog owner you trust. If you are curious about how your dog strangely behaves and worried about it, try to check out our article on dog behavior myth here.

Now, let’s start on the list of worst dog myth you shouldn’t believe in the first place, shall we?

1. A dog is the mortal enemy of cat

Some people think that a dog is an enemy of a cat, and they will always fight when they see each other. This is actually not true at all, as they are not a natural enemy. This myth comes from popular child cartoon Tom and Jerry, where the cat always fights against a dog. However, in the real world, this is not true at all. A dog can also become a friend with a cat, especially if you introduce them properly. You can have a dog and cat in the same house, and they won’t fight a lot if you introduce them properly.

There are still many people that think a dog is mortal enemy of cat and should be always separated. This is such false information, and many people should think about it again. It is perfectly okay to have both dog and cat in one house, and they can get along perfectly well if you introduce them slowly and properly.

2. Dog eat grass when they are sick

You might find your dog occasionally eating grass in the yard. Some people think that it isn’t normal, and the dog shouldn’t eat grass, many people think that dog is eating grass when they’re sick.  This is another false information coming from the worried pet owner and stereotype. The dog sometimes love to eat grass because it feels good in their mouth, and it is completely normal for them. If you saw your dog eat grass in the yard, it is okay, and it doesn’t mean that your dog is sick. However, if your dog is constantly eating grass, and you think it is too much, consider contacting your vets.

3. A dog only waging their tail when they’re happy

A dog wagging its tail is a sight every dog owner loves to see. Some people interpret that dog wagging their tail is a sign that they’re really happy right now. However, dog wagging their tail can also mean anything, not just happy. A dog wags their tails to communicate and also express their emotion from sadness, curious, and also happy. So, whenever you see dog wagging their tail, it doesn’t exactly mean that they’re happy, it can also be mean any other than happy too.

4. Dog have a clean mouth, even cleaner than human

Well, this is just gross, and hilarious. Some people just love to be licked from their dog and stated that dog mouth is clean and even cleaner than human mouth to justify their sayings. This is completely untrue and false information, as dog mouth is actually dirtier than a human mouth, and can contain a lot of bacteria that can be harmful to human. A dog is licking their master to show their affection and emotion. It is very cute, and also lovely. Just make sure to clean up after you are licked by a dog, and make sure to don’t get licked too much especially on the open wound as it can be harmful and can cause infection.

5. Dog vision is black and white

It is true that dog vision is quite different than human vision, but it doesn’t mean that dog vision is black and white only. There are actually many people think that dog vision is just black and white, and they can’t see any other color, but in reality, a dog can also see any other color like blue and red. There are slight differences in dog vision and color spectrum if compared with human. The dog can’t differentiate well between red and yellow, can’t see green clearly but they can see blue pretty clear.

Well, that’s it on our article about myths and misconception that is actually wrong information, and false misconception. If you think that you believe in any of this myth, make sure to think about it again, and start to believe in the truth and scientific facts instead. Did our article on 5 worst dog myths you probably ever heard as dog owner help you? We’d be glad if this article could help you in becoming the best master for your dog.