Tricks on How to Get your Cat Closer to your Dog

Cats and dogs, can they be friends? One thing for sure about cats and dogs are they are lovely pets! Cats are aloof and easily startled while dogs are territorial animals. If you’re looking at the two distinctive characteristics of these two lovely pets, you might think that they will never be able to share […]

7 Interesting Ways on How to Keep your Dog Active Indoors

Keeping your dogs active is a key to maintain good health both for you and your dog. Most of dog owners like to bring their dogs outside to keep them active. However, it will be quite difficult when it comes during winter. Winter months can be very hard to keep your dog active, so it […]

7 Forbidden Fruits for Your Dogs and the Reasons Why

Fruits are healthy for dogs as for humans as they provide some vitamins and minerals to our body. Eating fruits is also a good habit for your dog. However, don’t ever think that all fruits are good for your dogs. Some fruits are even toxic and able to cause some harmful effects to your dog’s […]

Helpful Tips on Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

Keeping a dog as a pet means having responsibility to keep him healthy both mentally and physically. To be able to make him healthy and happy, as an owner, you need to make sure that he has good immune system. Sometimes, due to some conditions, such as stress and environmental changes, a dog’s immune system […]

7 Easy and Practical Ways of How to Manage Diet for your Diabetic Dog

Do you just discover that your dog is suffering from diabetes? Don’t worry too much but don’t take it easy as well. Diabetic dogs still can have long, healthy life. You won’t need to give them too much medicines to maintain the sugar level, but you can do it by maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Check […]

6 Dog Toys You Have to Avoid – You’d Better Know This

Playing with dogs is always a favorite leisure time. As dog is also a playful type of animal, playing with dog also brings some advantages, such as maintaining its health as it keeps moving, bringing happiness, reducing boredom and upgrading its mood and training its kinetics skill. Playing indoors is safer than playing outdoors, and […]

Does Your Dog Shiver? Get to Know the 5 Reasons Why Your Dog Shiver and Ways to Solve Them

Shivering or shaking is one of the ways the dog wants to show us that there is something wrong with it. As an owner, you need to be aware of the causes so you can find the best solution to cover it. Shivering can be one of the ways how your dogs try to communicate […]

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Refuses to Go Out and How to Handle

Keeping a dog as your companion at home is the best thing ever. Dog is well-known for being loyal and cheerful creature. As a dog owner, there are several things you need to pay attention to, such as its food, some symptoms that you need to understand, how to take care of it and so […]