The Myth of Dog Year You need to know

Dog is a lovely creature, loyal animal, and one of the most loyal friend of human as there are dubbed as man’s best friend. Dog is an amazing animals, when they are puppies they are very cute, they are smart animals that can be trained to do lot of tricks from simple one like sitting […]

2 Things You Probably Still Believe To Happen After A Dog Bite You

Have you heard about an old saying, a dog is a man best friend? As it said, a dog is a loyal creature, brave companion, can be very cute and fluffy to cuddle with. Although the dog is such a loyal creature, they’re still animal, which means they still have their animal instinct inside them. […]

5 Worst Dog Myths You Probably Ever Heard as Dog Owner

If you are a dog owner, then you might ever hear one or few of these dog myths. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding a dog, and their behavior from all around the world. Some of this dog myth might just hearsay, or stereotype that based on no scientific method or research. If you […]

5 Misconception About Keeping Dog As Pet At Home

A dog is a man best friend. A dog is a loyal creature, if trained well can provide you with security, a dog is also cute, and the dog can also become a lifelong companion. A dog is also one of the most popular pet to have at home and no wonder that there are […]

4 Dog Behavior That Are Related to Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Dogs are always known to be a loyal companion to human and no wonder that dog becomes one of the most popular pet nowadays. In these modern days where there is already a very good treatment for our dogs and advanced veterinary knowledge, there are still many myths surrounding dogs. There are many myths about […]

7 Popular Myths About Dog Around the World That Most People Still Believe

There are many popular myths surrounding about dog around the world, and many of these myths are sometimes not true at all. Some myths might sound really familiar to you, but some of these myths might sound really strange and hilarious to you. To separate myths from the truth, firstly we need to know many […]