6 things to consider if you want to raise ducks and chickens in the same coop

Questions many poultry lovers asked, can we raise ducks and chickens in the same coop? How we do it and should we do it or not? Well, it is practically not impossible to raise both chicken and duck in the same coop, as they are quite social animals, so they won’t be any problems raising […]

5 Easy Tips For Keeping Duck As Pet At Home

Keeping duck as pet at home would be gives us many benefit. Even you need some efforts to raise them, actually it would be paid someday when they growth well. There are so many reasons why people pet something. May they want to have something that entertain them, earn something like cattle or eggs, or […]

4 Easy Steps To Make A Comfy Duck House

Make a duck house should focus to the comfy thing that make duck feels the really home. As same as usual home, it would have to be comfortable, safe, and the main thing is can protect them by sunlight and rain. It would be plus point if you can make it simple and easy to […]

Important Things You Should Know When Building Duck Coop

Duck coop is the main thing that you need both if you want to build duck poultry or just pet it. Basically coop should be able to cover the duck. You can put some ducks in one coop but just make sure that the size of coop is compatible with the number of the duck […]