How To Take Care For Ducks In Cold Winter Time

We can’t make sure is it a suggestion or truly the fact, but when rainy season is coming egg production of laying duck is getting low. Wet feather both rainy or snowy are same as affect the duck both the production quality and disease transmitted. Disease attacked and transmitted is highly increase in this season […]

How To Naturally Treat Wet Feather In Ducks

Talk about feather, that’s the nearest thing that stick to duck. One layer that coated the duck in the most out of their body. This layer also protects the duck from somethings out there such like cold, water, and dirt. Where is wet feather come from? Well, that question may appear on your mind when […]

Important Things You Should Know When Building Duck Coop

Duck coop is the main thing that you need both if you want to build duck poultry or just pet it. Basically coop should be able to cover the duck. You can put some ducks in one coop but just make sure that the size of coop is compatible with the number of the duck […]