Here are the Signs Your Fish is Happy in Their New Tank

Keeping fish in a tank or aquarium is an exciting activity, both for the fish and the owner. Seeing your fish enjoy swimming in its tank is a very beautiful scenery.

However, your fish might not feel comfortable in its fish tank or even get stressed. If you are curious on how to know whether your fish is stressed, you can check reasons why your fish get stressed and how to overcome it. It’s interesting to know that fish can be stressed too!

On the other hand, fish can also feel happy in its new tank. All the things you see in your aquarium is the fish enjoying swimming from here to there. There are some things you need to know about the signs of fish that feel extremely happy in their new tank.

  • Swimming Actively

Being active can be one of the signs of being happy. That’s what happens to humans, when they are happy, they express their happiness by being active. Similar to humans, fish also express their happiness by being active, especially in swimming.

If you find your fish is happy and swimming in the entire tank, then it is a sign of happiness. It shows that your fish enjoy staying in the tank as the tank provides them with good water and good environment.

However, being active can also be a sign of being unhappy or illness. This case happens when your fish only swim around a certain place or just lying in a corner, then there might be something wrong with your fish.

You can also check the other symptoms that tell your fish is sick. Be aware of the differences. A healthy and happy fish will swim forth and back energetically all over its tank.

  • Having Good Interaction with Others

Just like humans, having good interaction with others can also indicate a fish being happy in its tank. When you see your fish is getting along with others well, however, different fish has different social skills, so don’t expect your fish will get really well with others.

Just keep in mind that a happy fish won’t have a fight with others. Make sure you give them some space to live by not making the tank overcrowded with too many fish.

You can get the idea of freshwater fish to put in your fish tank. They are very good to be put in the tank together.

  • Eating Properly

Some pets lose appetite once they feel something wrong with their mood or body. If your fish are not eating properly then there might be something suspicious about their mood. Ignoring the food also can be a sign of unhappiness.

On the other hand, if your fish enjoy eating and finish all their food, then it indicates that they are happy and the mood is good. You can check the best nutritional food to feed your betta fishes.

  • Having Bright Color

Bright color can be one of the signs of happy fish. A happy fish will have a vibrant glow on its body. However, an unhappy fish will have a pale color all over its body.

It is usually because of too much nitrogen in the tank. Too much nitrogen can be caused by dirty tank. You need to be very aware of this discoloration as it might be the sign of stressed fish or a disease.

  • Breathing Properly

Another indicator of a happy fish is breathing properly. If you see the gills of your fish is expanding properly and normally, you can tell that your fish is happy. Breathing properly and swimming actively can tell that your fish is really happy.

Ways to Keep Your Fish Happy in its New Tank

After knowing the symptoms of a happy fish in its new tank, you can check also the ways on how to keep it happy. Here are several ways of keeping your fish happy in its new tank:

  • Keep the water clean – clean water will make the fish feel comfortable. Keep the water in the tank clean by doing regular changes, and it will provide the best environment for the fish to live in.
  • Light, temperature and pH of the tank should be properly set – light, temperature and pH are the essential things fish need for survival. Proper lighting will be able to strengthen your fish. Temperature should be kept properly as fish cannot live in extreme temperature. And lastly, pH is also essential for your fish survival. Make sure it is not too extreme for your fish.
  • Pebbles and plants – these two things will make the environment of the tank similar to fish natural habitat. Fish will be more comfortable living in a natural environment. Make sure to include these essential things for your fish tank.
  • Proper feeding – food is one of the sources of fish happiness. Make sure you provide the best food with rich nutrients to make sure that your fish is happy and healthy.