How Bears Prepare for Hibernation

How bears prepare for hibernation is definitely one of the most amazing things there is. There are bears that don’t need hibernation, which is polar bears with his distinctive features. Studying animals brings great pleasure for humans. Since, we all love animals that helps us to balance ecosystem also. Humans even have these holidays that […]

How Animals Prepare and Survive Winter Coldness

How animals prepare and survive the winter coldness is kinda amazing. While we can simply wear thick coat or sweater to keep our body warm during winter, animals can’t do that. Instead, they found many possible ways to survive winter. It becomes one of the animal’s culture. One of them is actually similar with human’s […]

Just Wondering do Iguana Able to Hibernate?

Iguanas are known as the herbivorous reptile which is become one of the most likeable reptile to be pet. Still, the wilderness of nature inherited in iguana’s blood, caused some various behaviors that would surprise you. To have an iguana you could easily purchase them on stores (would be better if you come to the […]