Most Common Types of Camouflage you should Know!

Animals have different types of adaptation that enable them to survive in the wild. One of the common examples is camouflage. Camouflage is an adaptation which allows them to blend with certain aspects of their environment. Camouflage boosts an organism’s chance of survival by hiding it from the predators. You might know chameleon, the king […]

How Animals Prepare and Survive Winter Coldness

How animals prepare and survive the winter coldness is kinda amazing. While we can simply wear thick coat or sweater to keep our body warm during winter, animals can’t do that. Instead, they found many possible ways to survive winter. It becomes one of the animal’s culture. One of them is actually similar with human’s […]

Relationship Between Nature and Animal; Will They Ever be Separated?

Nature, for short, is everything that is normally not made by human. We also like to refer to nature as a geology or wildlife phenomena, where living animals and plants exist and live. It can also refer to weather or climates, which are truly something that out of our controls and intervention.  Talking about nature, […]