5 Things Every New Cat Parent Should Know (Don’t Panic)

“It’s an adorable cat! Congratulations, you become a new cat parent officially.” So, is this your first time having a cat? Worried about cat’s behavior? No idea about cat’s feeding? Wondering about what a litter box is? Keep calm and DON’T PANIC. Getting a new family member in your home can be a daunting. You just need guideline for guiding you live with your new family member.  Take a breath and grab your chocolate cookies with coffee.

Cat comes to your life in all manners or ways. May be you decided to adopt it and  become your roommate, or maybe you find it accidentally in your way to home, and really want to take it home. Either way, it is your responsibility to take care of it. In the end of the chapter if you take care of it successfully, you will be a proud, new parent.  Meeting those needs begins with well understanding, so here are 5 things every new cat parent should know without panicking to take care of your cat.

1. Feeding your cat

Before the arrival of the cat in your home, you should prepare food that you provide to it. It is better to ask the previous breeder or shelter what kind of cat eat regularly. If your cat eat canned food, there is nothing better than reading nutrition labels on your cat food. Just like human, it is an important thing to know what you are putting on your body, what you are consuming to guarantee your health. The ideal food for controlling your cat’s weight and preventing obesity is high in protein low in carbohydrates.

There many cat food brands in supermarket that offers it. After several times of cat’s arrival, you can evaluate kind of his food. This is adequate and continue with it, or start a new transition. Sometimes it is not easy to find a good cat food. The ideal one is analyze the composition in detailed information until finding a good quality feed based on the ingredients. You must remember that cat is carnivorous animal. You cannot give him a diet based on vegetables or cereals.

2. Keep the litter box clean

Pay attention what your cat needs, and you can start to proper set up. It is not about your business what a convenient for you, but it is  about what a convenient for your cat. The type of box, the type of litter, and location are all vital factors in a successful litter box set up. On the other hand, you should clean it up regularly. A dirty litter box can spread germs around your home. In addition, cat feces may scoop out every day, therefore you should keep it clean.

If you do not clean it up, your cat even can refuse to use it as it is untidy, smell bad, and starting defecating in other places. On the market there are many kind of litter box, and the important case is it must be suitable for your cat not you. Closed litter box is  very comfortable because your cat avoid odors, but sometimes your cat will reject it because they usually prefer the trays uncovered. In addition, the litter box should be located in a quiet place without drafts and away from feed and drinking fountains.

3. Scratching is normal

Cats have natural behavior to scratch. Scratching allows them not only to sharpen their claws, but also to mark their territory and relieve stress. You cannot teach your cat to avoid this behavior as this is his natural behavior. If we do not provide them with a scratching post, may be they will scratch your curtains, sofas, and furniture in general. The right scratching post located in one of main areas of the house, so your cat can reach easily.

Moreover, the scratching post should meet with your cat preference not yours. You can place the scratching post be high enough, so your cat fully scratch. Of course, during his first few days your cat is home, please do not nagging them when he scratched in your furniture or curtains. They need process of adaptation. Just be patient, and make a friend with him. Keep your relationship running well and fun. Once again, don’t panic.

4. Carrier

The carrier is a basic tool that helps you to move with your cat safely. Although you do not travel with him, of course you will take them to the vet, or moving to a certain place. You should choose your cat carrier wisely. Using a carrier like laundry basket or pillow is dangerous enough for your cat. He may injure. Hard-sided carrier or soft-sided carrier is the best for starting out. Get it that opens from top or front. In addition, cats do not like to be exposed to new environment. Thus, you should introduce it slowly before you use it for transport. Make your cat familiar, comfortable, secure, and happy when being in carrier.

5. Environmental enrichment

Many behavioral problems can be avoided if you increase your cat environmental enrichment, so your cat can have physically and emotionally stimulus. Environmental enrichment consists of different factors that will provide your cat a quality life. Spending time and playing with you has a big role in training your cat about socialization and exercising. Remember cat demands much attention. Cat cannot have fun playing alone, so you should dedicate your time a bit for playing with your cat and building positive relationship. Sessions of playtime with your cat can be useful to stimulate your cat’s sensory. You can use toys, food dispensing toys, fishing rods or simply a session of massage and relaxation to build your cat’s intelligence. It is true that cat love sleeping so much. However, a cat who sleeps all day is not getting environmental enrichment, so his sensory will not be developed as well as a cat who gets environmental enrichment. Cats are more sociable animals than other animals. Spend time with your best friend – your best family- your best roommate – your best pets, provide them with the best quality of life possible ‘till finally you fell you are gonna be so  happy you got a cat!

Thus, if you do these 5 things every new cat parent should know without panicking to take care of your cat, you can handle yourself becoming calm. In the final of the chapter, you will be a proud parent who is successfully taking care of your cat. Don’t panic. Keep calm. Stay with a mantra that called “patient”.

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