5 Popular Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Playing Indoors

“It’s cold outside, kitty. Don’t go outside”  For cats, the great outdoor is everything for them, but it is a myth that going outside is crucial requirement for cats happiness. Living in a big, crowded city or country, letting your cat goes outside is similar to ask your cat facing many risks. They may expose […]

4 Answers about Mother Cat that Acting Weird after Giving Birth

A mother cat or you can call as a “queen” to be totally taking care of her children for the first weeks after delivery. Although it looks normal and pleasant, you should still pay attention and understand the usual and unusual behaviors of a mother cat especially after giving birth. If you see something is […]

4 Must Know Tips for Raising Orphaned Kittens

Kittens are usually orphaned when they are abandoned or separated from her mother. This may happens because mother cat was died when delivering them, she is agalactia (cannot produce milk), she gets injury, or has hard time for raising her babies. Otherwise, maybe you find orphaned kitten when you are in your way to home, […]

7 Important Tips to Take Care of Mother Cat Before Having Kittens

As the cat owner, you should think over before deciding to breed your cat. Pregnancy in cat is a significant event. Taking care of cat’s life requires deep knowledge and experience. If you have a pregnant cat, you need to give extra special care, extra comfort, and extra treatment. A pregnant cat also demands much […]

What Should You Give to Feed Your Newborn Kittens?

The way how to feed your newborn kittens is totally dissimilar to feed adult cats. It happens because its organs have not been ready yet to digest various foods. Ideally, newborn kitten should stay and drink milk from its queen up to eight week after birth, until being adopted or separated from its queen. Newborn […]

5 Important Tips to Take Care of Mother Cat after Giving Birth

Momma Mia!!! Your cat has given birth adorable and cute kittens. Exactly, it will be an exciting time for you both. Absolutely, you can trust her for looking after her kittens, but how about the MOM? Who will be looking after? YES, the answer is YOU as the owner. As the owner you should take […]

4 Safest Ways to Take Care Newborn Kittens for Beginners

“Congratulations. You got newborn kittens. Aaaa, it is super cute.” Getting a newborn kitten is just like getting a new baby. You bless with a new, special experience with lots of joy, warmth, and many laughs. Kittens are super fun, cute, adorable, loving, and entertaining. BUT, caring newborn kittens is not easy. The kittens require […]

3 Steps to Take Care of Cat’s Fur at Home Effectively (Include bathing tips!)

A thick, lustrous cat’s fur is a sign of good health, beautiful, a delight to touch, and supremely functional. Cat’s has as many as 130.000 furs per square inch of its fur. Its fur functions giving a cat sensory data, protecting it from heat and cold, and manufacturing a cat vital nutrients (vitamin D). Proper […]

5 Things Every New Cat Parent Should Know (Don’t Panic)

“It’s an adorable cat! Congratulations, you become a new cat parent officially.” So, is this your first time having a cat? Worried about cat’s behavior? No idea about cat’s feeding? Wondering about what a litter box is? Keep calm and DON’T PANIC. Getting a new family member in your home can be a daunting. You […]

3 Basic Ways to Take Care of Cats at Home for Beginners

Having love affair with a cat or just think about it? With an adorable face, affectionate personality, and intimate “meow” tones there is nothing better than taking it home. When it comes to adopt a cat, it also means like looking after your children. If you treat your cat with proper care and training when […]