3 Things You Should Know When Choosing The Best Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are one of the most friendly and lovely animal you could choose to be a pet. Raising and living with this creature could be very pleasant and enjoyable. It could be your comforter from all the tight and busy activities – from all the tiredness that you feel from your work – looking this animal eat heartily or just simply walk and jump here and there around the garden or their cages, it could trigger a smile appear in your face.

Yes, this hairy ball creature has it own unique and charm characteristic to attract us to fall in love with them. If you decided to pick it as your pet, you should prepare yourself to bear some duties to make them always in their best conditions. Taken care their necessity like food, water, and a place is one of the main important duties that you must fulfill.

Make sure that they are always happy and comfortable with the environment around them is part of your responsibilities as their owners. The first step you could take to carry out this mission is to choose the right and comfortable home to be their shelter from all their joyful activities all day. Just like human, animal also has their specification of their ‘comfortable’ home.

I bet you would absolutely lazy and uncomfortable when you come home from all your activities out there,  in a dirty and smelly  home (house, apartment, studio) – so do your rabbit. You must pay attention to choose a right and proper and the most important is comfortable cage for this creature. Not every cage is qualified for this animal – you must remember this. There are some criteria that you must understand, so you’re not just buy or build a cage without knowledge.

There are some preparation that you needed to pet a rabbit in your house such rabbit-proof your house. Not just knowing how to care for a rabbit when playing outdoors – because, obviously your rabbit also need a shelter to rest and sleep from all their activities. So, you also have to know all the steps to build a comfy cage for your rabbit. The better cage could help you get your pet rabbit back in its cage.

This time, we are going to give you some clues: 3 things you should know when choosing the best rabbit cage. This is to help you of selecting the perfect – the most healthy and comfortable cages for your beloved hairy pet. To make sure that you gave them all their necessity and providing the best tendance – that could guarantee the life quality of your rabbit. To make sure their satisfaction and always happy under your care.

This is it; 3 things you should know when choosing the best rabbit cage.

1. The Best Indoor Cage You Should Get

Some rabbit’s owner prefer to place their rabbit indoor than outside because of many basic reason such their safety. If you place your rabbit indoors – at least you will sure that they’re not gonna run away from your house (jump in the street, which is very common situation). The owner who choose to place their rabbit indoors – usually – they have enough room in their house.

But it doesn’t mean if you had little space house, you can’t place your rabbit indoors. You could simply have to understand the key of proper indoors cages – at least enough space for them to play – their cages must be able to open. This is to let them out and get some exercise for their own.

  • Make sure that the space is enough for them to move around and lie down. The minimum size of the cage you should provide is 2 hops wide and 3 hops long. And of course – the bigger cages is better.
  • The most important things is make sure that their cages has enough spaces to place all of their daily utilities such; a litter box, toys, and bowl (or other container) food.
  • Make sure that the cages has the footing for your rabbit to step. There are a lot of cases of foot’s injuries caused by cage flooring. The footing must be soft and tender enough for your rabbit’s foot.

2. Build a Condo

Build a condo also could be a medium for rabbit to release the stress. The bigger cages give them enough space to playing and enjoy their days. You could build the condo from safe material such wood and metal.

  • Make sure you avoid  chicken wire – it’s to much risk for you – because your rabbit could chew the wire and harm themselves.
  • Make sure that the metal that you use is slats close together – if not – your beloved pet could stuck on it and again – could harm themselves.

3. The Best Outdoor Cage You Should Get

If you one of the owner who would prefer to place your rabbit outdoors, you should choose the safest place to prevent your rabbit from running out from your house. Outdoor hutches usual form as hutches – this cage would keep the rabbit off the ground. The outdoor cage also give you another benefit such a plenty of space to your rabbit.

But one thing you should remember, you should fit up the hutches with weather and predators protection to guarantee the safety of your beloved pet.

  • You should provide them enough spaces – at least they could stand up without their ears touching the roof, and enough space for them to hop. And like usual, the bigger hutch is better.
  • Make sure that you use a flat footing for their feet – and use wire floor to let their urine and feces drop down to the ground.
  • Make sure that the hutch is stable and strong enough – in cases that your rabbit might smack it.

Make Sure Your Rabbit Is Always Warm

You should make sure that you give them enough shelter to keep their body’s temperature – if you choose to place them outdoor – especially if you lived in a cold temperature climate.

  • Provide them a blanket or rug to keep them warm – and make sure that those cover is thick enough to protect them from the cold.
  • Don’t keep your rabbit out of hutch too long (if you lived in cold climate). Your beloved one could freeze and lead to a serious illness.