4 Reasons Your Dog is Suddenly Lethargic and Weak

It is very easy to know that something is wrong when your usual energetic good dog is suddenly become tired, with no mood to play at all, and just want to lay down all day. Sometimes, a dog can get into lethargic state, a state where dog suddenly become lazy, tired, and don’t have any mood at all to play or even walking session. This can happen because of so many reasons, sometimes because of medicine, and many other reasons.

Although lethargy is mostly temporary, you also need to be careful, as it can affecting your dog’s health drastically, or in some case, lethargy is the early sign of some diseases or bacterial infection in your dog. It is also very sad to see our beloved dog that always cheerful, and energetic become poor, sad, without any mood, and even lose their appetite.

If your dog suddenly becomes gloomy, and lethargic, then firstly you will need to determine what might be the problem. What causing your dog to become lethargy? If you think your dog might be suffering a lethargic state, might as well to take care of it quickly before it becomes another complication that might harm your dog.

What caused a dog to become lethargy? In here, we are going to compile on 4 reasons your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak.

A dog might suddenly lethargic and weak because of many reasons

Lethargy is a state where your dog suddenly becomes weak, don’t want to play, and not energetic at all. Most of the dog will happily go with you in walking session, but the lethargic dog won’t even want a special walking session, and just want to lay down on the floor, tired and sleeping. Lethargy is something you should aware about, and know how to handle it before it becomes a much more complicated disease.

There are many reasons why your dog might suddenly tired or lethargic, such as side effects of medication, trauma, pain, allergies, fleas infestation, food poisoning and many more. If you want to be a respectable and responsible dog owner, then you should know many reasons why a dog might suddenly lose their moods and becoming lethargic. Here are some reasons why your dog might be lethargy, and how we should treat them.

1. Side effects of medication

Some of the medication for many dog diseases can sometimes cause lethargy in your dog. If you inject, or your dog digests a new medication that the name is strange to you, there is a slight chance your dog might get a lethargy after them.

Most of the medication has side effects of lethargy because of the medications require a lot of energy to digest and working inside your dog. This made a dog becomes lethargy because their energy is drained into medication.

This side effect of medication will cause lethargy, but mostly it is temporarily. In a no time, after the medication is finished, your dog will return to its normal cheerful state. If you want to help your dog during their lethargic state while medication, try giving them a lot of quality foods like chicken breast or bacon. Make sure to give them time to rest, and give them a warm place to sleep.

2. Food poisoning in your dog

Your dog can also become suddenly tired and lethargic if they ingested poisoned food for a dog like chocolate. Usually, lethargy is an early sign of food poisoning, followed by vomiting and diarrhea. Food poisoning cause your dog stomach hurt, it will make them very unhappy, and therefore don’t have any mood at all to play.

Lethargy caused by food poisoning needs to be cured quickly, as food poisoning is not a mere annoyance. It can be very dangerous for your dog, so you need to be careful. Make sure you supervise of what your dog eats, If you suspect your dog lethargic because of food poisoning, then you need to contact vets right away before it is going to late.

3. Old Trauma

Old trauma and pain can come up in your dog, and reminding them of the past pain. Trauma can cause a dog to be very unhappy, and distressed. Mostly, untreated trauma is the most common cause for the lethargy. If didn’t treat carefully and properly, a trauma can really harm your dog psychological, making them to develop bad characters like aggressivity, uncontrolled barking, or even escape attempts.

Just like a human, a dog can develop a trauma caused by old pain. Feral, stray and some shelters dog is the most common dog that hurt from trauma and old pain. Lethargy is just a common symptom of trauma. If you have a newly adopted dog and it seems lethargic, it might be your dog is suffering from trauma.

Give your dog a warm place, enough attention, and give them warm foods they will love. Make sure to give enough time for them, and they will open up to you, and forget the old trauma. Lethargy caused by trauma is a serious thing you should take care of in your dog.

4. Old ages

Any good dog that lives up to the old age has a high chance to become lethargic. It is perfectly normal, as your dog now becomes older. There is no way we can prevent aging, or cure the lethargic if it is caused by old ages. All we can do is giving our old dog a good company, warm foods, and a place for them to enjoy before it is the time.

So, in conclusion

That’s it on 4 reasons your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak, these 4 is just an example of the most common, so there are many other medical reasons why a dog might having a lethargy. Our dog has the right to be cheerful, and happy. Lethargic can be cured, and need to be taken care of before it develops into a disease that can seriously harm our dog. Hope our article here help you understand more in dog lethargic and help you to become responsible dog owner that your dog loved from the bottom of their heart.