8 Tips to Shorten A Cow’s Interpregnancy Interval

Many people raise cows for its high profit. Compared to chicken or goats, the dairy products of cow are more pricy in the market. However not everyone are willing to do cows breeding, since one also need a lot of money to buy and raise the cows. Furthermore not everyone can do a good job in raising them. Not matter how hard it may be, the most important thing is to always try and learn to be a successful farmer. Challenges and obstacles must be dealt with proper measures.

One of the challenge in cows breeding is to increase the reproduction rate of your cows. Given a certain time period, having more cows means increasing profits from the dairy products. This article will help you in explaining the tips you can take to shorten a cow’s interpregnancy interval.

How to shorten a cow’s interpregnancy interval

1. Give a male mate to your female cow

The first and the most basic step is to provide your female cow with a male for the mating process. They should get to know and get passionate toward each other.

2. Maintain the cows to have a normal sexual desire

Steps you can take to keep your cows have a normal sexual desire are as follow:

  • Provide with quality feeds, especially for 20 days prior and 30 days after a calf delivery.
  • Temporary weaning for 48 hours after delivery.
  • Hormone injection e.g. PGF2alpha.

3. Get the right time to mate

You need to know the right time to start mating your cows, as it should be done more than 50 days after delivery. You can start noticing the cow’s increasing sexual desire for at least 18 hours, and you have the next 9-24 hours to start mating them.

4. Ensure the cow is pregnant

You can check the pregnancy condition of your cow at two weeks after the mating process. By checking its condition you can find out whether it needs more treatment or not, and it is better to do it as early as possible. You can use pregnancy testing reagent for cattle.

5. Record the reproduction activity

It is important to record all activities of the cow’s reproduction period, for example the delivery date, birth condition, pre-mating and mating date, the used male cow, and any pregnancy defects (if possible).

6. Give a special potion

Get a special potion to increase the vitality of the female or the libido of the male. You can use potion from natural ingredients or you can buy one from any farming store. With the help of the potion, the cows will be easily get passionate toward each other.

7. Postpone any injection

Most cattle injection is for postponing the pregnancy. Since you want to get your cow pregnant, why bother giving them with injection?

8. Natural mating

After the two cows have known each other, they will get intimate by themselves without your involvement. You are still needed to assist their mating process and pregnancy period. Consider to let them get intimate periodically (e.g. three times a week) while maintaining a proper rest period for both.

The tips give you a slight image on the difficulties in cows breeding. When it comes to animal breeding, it is not always come in easy, as you have to deal with challenges which you might not understand before. Therefore in order to be one step higher in dealing with the challenges, hope the tips to shorten a cow’s interpregnancy interval as described above can help you to be a successful cow breeder.