7 Important Tips to Take Care of Mother Cat Before Having Kittens

As the cat owner, you should think over before deciding to breed your cat. Pregnancy in cat is a significant event. Taking care of cat’s life requires deep knowledge and experience. If you have a pregnant cat, you need to give extra special care, extra comfort, and extra treatment. A pregnant cat also demands much attention and love she deserves from the owner.  Here are 7 important tips to take care of mother cat before having kittens:

1. Learn cat pregnancy stages

Cat pregnancy lasts approximately 63-65 days (around nine weeks).  You can indicate your cat’s pregnancy by seeing several signs before checking to the vet.

  • 1-2 weeks old of pregnancy, you will notice by some cat pregnancy signs. First sign is heat cycle. Heat cycle usually stops, once a cat is pregnant. Second sign is your cat’s nipples will become enlarged, darker, and pink color (pinking up).
  • 3 weeks old of pregnancy, visit your vet to determine your cat pregnancy. Your vet will palpate abdomen by using ultrasound. In this week, similar to human your cat also will get “morning sickness”. She may be vomiting and apathy towards some certain food. It happens in a few of days.
  • 4 weeks old of pregnancy, your pregnant cat increase food until 50%. You should provide proper quality food for her health and kittens insides. In this week, even you may notice a dramatic behavior. Behavior changing appears in the last week pregnancy. You pregnant cat suddenly becomes more affectionate, sensitive, and eager spending time with you. Otherwise, you will see your previous cat becomes reclusive and sullen. Don’t panic, it is normal for every pregnant cat.
  • 5-6 weeks old of pregnancy, the belly size of your cat increases visibly and continue to grow. Her nipples will continue to swell.
  • 7 weeks old of pregnancy, feed your pregnant cat with wet kitten food. Let her eat it as much as she wants.
  • 8 weeks old of pregnancy, your cat will begin to find a place for delivering her kittens. Make sure you have had provide it.
  • 9 weeks old of pregnancy, it is delivering time.

2. Ensure proper nutrition

Make sure your cat gets proper nutrition for both her own health and her daughter. A pregnant cat needs an increased nutrition and vitamin during her pregnancy until after giving birth. In the 6 weeks old pregnancy, you should add at least 25% more food from usual. The food must be rich in protein, calories, and calcium. Food your pregnant cat in regular meals. You do not need to mix any special protein, calories, and calcium mixes as long as you feed your cat with high quality food. You can get it from a trusted brand for pregnant cat. Don’t forget to always provide enough, fresh water in her shallow bowl. If you are still worry and confused, you can contact your vet for the diet menu.

3. Visiting a veterinarian regularly

When you notice your cat showing cat pregnancy, you should visit the vet for checking it up. Just like human, pregnant cat should check up in several times. The appointments are ensuring the pregnancy signs, checking how many kittens in there (USG for human), when her date for giving birth. The vet may give some medicines for your pregnant cat. It depends on your cat need. In addition, the vet will make schedule for regular your pregnant cat visiting for observing her pregnancy and health includes her kittens.

4. Keep your pregnant cat indoors

As the owner, you should know your cat need. It is better to prevent your pregnant cat spending time outside. She may exposure to some dangers, such as disease from other felines. If you have decided to breed her, you should keep doing your best for your cat.

5. Your pregnant cat still needs exercising

Keep your pregnant cat indoors does not mean forbidding your cat exercising outdoors. She still needs exercising for and getting fresh air. Only keeping your cat indoors can gain an excessive amount of weight. Even it is unhealthy for her and kittens inside. However, you should be aware your presence, she is playing outside. Give her time to freshen herself. If you think it is enough, you can take your pregnant cat indoors again.

6. Don’t allow other animals stay near your pregnant cat

Once more, pregnant cat needs privacy. She does not want there are animals or others disturb her. She does not enjoy too much sharing room with the companies of other felines. If you have more than one cat at home, make sure you have had prepare a different place for it.

7. Prepare for birth

As the birth date approaches, you should prepare several birth things. Here are several things for your cat birth:

  • Prepare a place, your cat will need a place for giving birth. You can provide a large box/nest with towel or soft blanket as the line. The nest should be not too high or too short. Make it perfect, so the mother cat and her kittens can enter and exit easily.
  • Put the box in a private, peace, and safe place. Make sure to put in place where the cat will feel comfortable and no one will disturb her. You may put it laundry room.
  • Put your cat into the box during her pregnancy. It can be a training for her to adjust with the box, so she will not go suddenly when she is about to give birth.
  • Do not try too often holding up your cat during pregnancy. Your pregnant cat will be not comfortable. Holding up your pregnant cat can cause upset her babies. Moreover, it can cause mother cat becomes sick.

As cat owner, you can try, and follow these 7 important tips to take care of mother cat before having kittens. Pregnancy, before having kittens, and after having kitten are precious and beautiful moment for you and your cat. You can see your cat is happy getting new kittens, taking care them, looking after them ‘till her kittens has well-adjust adult. You can call as a successful cat parent, if you do your best for both mother cat and their kittens.