Don’t Worry and Feed these 9 Vegetables for your Birds

Besides fruits, vegetables are an essential part of birds’ diet. Vegetables are a good source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They should make up between 15 to 30% of a bird’s diet.

Generally, the best vegetables for your bird will be the dark and leafy greens as they give the best nutritional value. Moreover, the fresh and washed ones are also the most nutritious.

You don’t have to cut the vegetables as birds love to challenge themselves to eat bigger pieces. Let’s get your worry away and start feeding these vegetables that are safe for your birds.

  • Asparagus

Asparagus is rich in antioxidants, making it one of the best vegetables you can give to birds, specifically parrots. Asparagus is good for digestion as it is rich in insoluble fiber.

As a result, it will increase bulk in the stool and allow it more easily through your birds’ gut. Hence, it reduces the chance of getting constipation.

Besides being rich in insoluble fiber, asparagus also contains soluble fiber. This type of fiber promotes healthy bacteria in the gut, boosts the immune system and provides some vitamins, such as B12 and K2.

  • Beets

Beets is also known as beetroot, is a brightly-colored fruit which is low in calories, but high in nutrients. No wonder, it is good for your birds to improve their digestion due to its rich fiber content.

  • Broccoli

This green vegetable is rich in antioxidants. One of them is glucoraphanin, which is converted into sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane has been linked to several health benefits for birds, such as lowering blood sugar, reducing oxidative stress as well as lessening the risk of getting chronic diseases, such as bacterial diseases in birds.

It is also high in fiber so it is good for your bird’s digestion.

  • Butternut Squash

You might first think that this is a fruit, however, it is considered as a vegetable in the culinary world. It is a brightly-colored vegetable which is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B, A, C, E, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and manganese.

  • Carrots

Who doesn’t like carrots? This vegetable is rich in antioxidant and beta-carotene. There are some health benefits related to beta-carotene. Firstly, it is converted to vitamin A, which is able to improve eye health.

Besides, vitamin A has also been linked to strong immune system, growth of cells and reducing the risk of getting diseases.

  • Corn (on the cob)

Corn on the cob is appealing to birds as they love pecking at the corn, scratching the juicy pieces as well as sharpening their beak at the hard core. Not only enjoyable for the birds.

Eating corn on the cob is also giving a lot of health benefits for them as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Your birds can obtain pantothenic acid, folate, niacin and vitamin B.

According to the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, the higher level of antioxidants in corn is higher compared to the other common grains, including lutein, ferulic acid and anthocyanins.

  • Spinach

Not only Popeye who loves spinach, birds also love this green and leafy vegetable. Similar to the other vegetables, such as beets, spinach is also rich in insoluble fiber. It can add bulk to the stool and prevent constipation.

Not only insoluble fiber, spinach also contains some minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, B9, calcium, and iron. Lutein and kaempferol are also found in spinach as antioxidants.

  • Lettuce

Lettuce is a good source of vitamin K which is essential for your bird’s bones. Its vitamin A content is also high so that it can enhance your bird’s eyesight too. It will also keep your birds hydrated due to its high content of water.

Not only birds, some other pets are also allowed to eat lettuce. Besides lettuce, there are some more vegetables your pet can eat.

  • Peas

Birds, especially parrots, love pecking peas from their dishes and enjoy eating them one by one. Peas are considered as the best plant-based protein sources so that they make your birds more filling than other vegetables.

There is 5 grams of fiber in 100 grams of peas. Hence, this makes them a good vegetable to stimulate healthy digestion for your birds. Besides, it also reduces the risk of getting constipation.

Giving the best food for your birds is your responsibility as the owner. If you want to get some tips about what kind of food you should feed your birds, you can consider feeding them these fruits that are safe for birds.

If you’re a beginner in keeping birds, then you might need some tips too, such as choosing popular bird breeds to pet and symptoms of stressed birds.