3 Reasons To Have Sheeps And Chickens Live Side By Side 

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So, today’s topic we will covering about sheep. Sheep are one of the most popular livestock in the world. They are affordable, easy to take care of, hardy animals, fast to reproduce and most importantly, they bring lot of useful products such as their meat, their milk and one of the special thing about sheep is their wool. They have special fur that is useful for many things and especially clothing. Sheep are definitely one of the most important livestock around the world, as they are important for both food industry and also clothing industry.

Well, what we are going to talk about today is the method of raising sheep. They are many method of raising sheep, from enclosed herd, free ranging sheep herding, mixed breed flocks, and free ranging plus mixed species herd. What we are going to talk about is mixed species herding, or we can say, that we raise sheep alongside with other livestock, and they directly made contact with each other every day. There are benefits and downside of this method as we are going to discuss about it shortly. We are going to talk about 3 Reasons To Have Sheeps And Chickens Live Side By Side and what you should know about it first.

Here are benefits of mixing chicken and sheep to live side by side

What you need to know is, that there are benefits of mixing chicken and sheep together. Mixing them together doesn’t mean you breed them, but instead it means that we raise them together in same enclosure, same pasture, but we can give them different places to sleep. There are many benefits of it that not many people know about it but if you are going to farm sheep and chicken, then this is definitely quite useful information you can use.

  • It is effective method to safe budget

Keeping sheep and chicken together and raising them together is pretty much good way to safe budget. By giving your chicken and sheep same place to raise, it means you will save a lot of money. You don’t need to buy many farming equipment like water through, keeping up lot of fences, and many more. If you want to safe your budget further, you can always use free ranging method, where you let your animals graze for themselves while not worrying too much about their foods. If you raise your chicken and sheep together in free ranging method, it is really good way to save money and invest in more useful farming equipment or invest in some land to create more pasture and grazing area.

  • It also save plenty of space

One of the best way to save space for farming and herding animal is by raising your animals together. By raising your animal together, you can really save some spaces that can be used for other purpose such as creating more spaces for other animals, or creating more spaces for your other projects.

If you want to keep your animals together, make sure you provides enough spaces for your animals, as not enough spaces for animals will cause lot of problems such as competition and bullying. Raising your animals together is good way to safe some space, however you still need to provides ample amount of spaces for your animals. Make sure to not be too stingy with your spaces.

  • It help to mitigate harmful pathogen and bacteria for both species

Did you know what is the most dangerous things that can harm your animals, and could potentially hurt everyone around them? Not predator, not drought that will exhaust supply of foods, but it is dangerous pathogen and bacteria for livestock. There are many dangerous pathogen and bacteria that could potentially endanger your livestock and anything around them. One thing you can do to mitigate this is by raising your animals together with other species.

How raising your animals together will make them at least safer from pathogen and bacteria? First of all there are many kinds of pathogen and each pathogen is different. Some pathogen only attacks sheep but harmless to chicken, some are dangerous for sheep and some are not really dangerous for other species. By raising your animals together, meaning that there will be many pathogens that can be eaten by other animals that are actually more resistant to that pathogen. This is very good way in order to make sure your pasture is free from harmful disease. For example, you can release your chicken in your pasture to make them graze for foods, and catch some pathogen and bacteria that are harmful for sheep that means the pasture will be clear from dangerous bacteria that can harm your sheep.

3 Reasons To Have Sheeps And Chickens Live Side By Side, however there are many things you need to keep out such as supervision, careful introductions, cleanliness, and not to mention equal spaces for your animals.