4 Things to Know First, Do You Love Iguana?

Do you ever dream of keep a reptile inside your house? Then, my friends let me suggest to you one of the most famous reptilian to be pet, the iguana. Stout, strong, and firm appearance suit people who love challenges; because iguanas are known as complicated animal as pet. Iguanas exhibit various of behaviors which you need to understand how to handle and response toward the actions. Another thing you should concern is the health issues; the common problems could be found in iguanas are the eyes problems and skin problems.

Keep and raise iguana isn’t an easy thing to do, unlike domesticated animals such as dogs and cats which have been alongside with human as companion for a long period of time. Iguanas are lived in wildlife, wild nature; this fact firmed “wild behavior” typically founded inside wild animals. However, if you are strongly determined to pick this animal as an companion, learn the variant species of iguana and at which price. Moreover, considering to adopt an iguana is not a bad idea.

But, you might have to be selective on which place you would adopt the iguana, and make sure that the iguana have been treat and nursing in a proper and healthiest way. There are many things you should understand and learn first before you commit yourself into the part of iguana’s life. The more you learn about this species of lizard, you would open the door to love this animal more and more as the time goes by. One thing for sure, keep an animals is the way of commitment of pour out love to the one you take care of. If you are not love them, let me say that you just waste your time for nothing.

However, these are 4 things to know first, do you love iguana? Learn more and love more, that would be the best line as a foundation of the journey to be a perfect owner!

1. Iguana is a Big Animal

Do not fall into the trick of this lizard size. They might look small as a baby, but just wait until they grow up; you would shake your head of how big this animal could become. Let take an example from green iguana, a healthy one green iguana commonly estimated around 6 feet in length (head to tail), and the weight is about 20 lb or equally about 9 kg. If you think it was large, let me tell you, it’s just a standard measure of alligator.

So, if you really want to keep this animal, make sure that you have enough space and room in your house for this huge creature. Another note, they grow faster than you ever thought; prepare yourself to see that little adorable green creature turn into the hardcore metal looking. Do you think I am over-dramatic? No, I’m not. You would experience it by yourself sooner or later. The little one baby that creeping out inside the tank, soon and as the blink of your eyes it would turn into Godzilla look alike. Yes, I know; this is how big this lizard could grow.

2. Iguana Stronger than You could Ever Thought

They would not show how powerful they were, but in urgent situation they would not hesitate to show it to you if they ever feel threaten or scared. You should very careful around this animal, if they angry they could cost serious damage upon you or people around them. Trust me, if you ever annoy or do something inappropriate to them, just prepare yourself to be smack or bite by it. Yes, they could turn into terrifying creature.

Do careful to located your iguana inside your house, especially if you had children. Your children could be harm accidentally by the iguana, and could lead them to devastating injure. Let me remind you again, iguana is not domesticated pet; they would do terrible thing in order to protect themselves from the threat. This animal inherit the wild nature behavioral you need to concern. If you think, how bad that can be bitten by an iguana? Oh, trust me my dear friends, you would retract your words again after experiencing those sharps teeth and claws scratching deep under your face skin.

3. They are not Cuddling Type of Pet Animals

If you dream that your iguana would come closer at you and ask you to put them up in your lap; then let me tell you, your dream is just a dream. Though, sometime they would use body language to get your attention, but it’s way different than normal pet cuddling. Furthermore, even though iguana doesn’t need cuddling to stay alive, but they do need contact to keep tame and “kind” to people around them.

There are certain proper ways you have to learn in order to have contact with iguana. You can’t just touch them or they would strike you back. This animal was demanded. You cannot fully control this animal under your rules; if you did not fulfill what they were asked, be prepare to pay the price. Although you would see occasionally some of these lizards climbing into the shoulder of their owner, well it’s still not recommended performing this – of course under the safety reasons.

Once again, if your attention is to get cuddling from your beloved pet animal, dog and cat are the excellent option – iguana is just simply nope nope.

4. Iguana is a Boring Companion

As a baby, iguana is an active creature and very entertaining to watch, but as they grow up they become lazier than before. Most of the time – all day long – an adult iguana spend the time with neither sleeping on the branches or sunbathing. Well, their daily routine definitely make me jealous. This animal didn’t need to play and didn’t have any attention to entertain you.

If you wish you could do something fun with your beloved iguana, then I am sorry for destroying your dream; iguana would always even for walk. Some people just describe iguanas as animals which only pet for being in their place. Is it dangerous behavior? Nope, is not. It is just what it is; they born with this behavioral even in the wildlife.

So, 4 things to know first, do you love iguana? After learn about these 4 natural habit of iguana, are you sure you would still love this animal? If the answer is yes, then I wish you the best luck, my dear friends!