6 Fun Games To Play With Your Beloved Cats

Playing with your cat is interesting time after hectic time in the office or school. Play with cat can be your doping and healing time that can make you relax and remake your energy. Moreover, if you had kitten which is still active and loves to play. Surely, it would be perfect.

Basically, cat loves to playing. He is so curious and their hunting feeling is so high. Playing is like reactive their hunting instinct by some equipment that they see as prey. It is look like make them fool but it funny too.

Playing game with cat also makes some relationship with them. It likes build friendship and family contact with them as truly they are. Touch and some reward can reinforcement that.


Here are some fun games to play with your cat. You can do this game actually in home. But if any game below that need large space, you may have to bring your cat outside home like your backyard or city park. And here we go.

  • Paper bag

Paper bag is one of all fun games to play with your cat. As we know that cat is curious animal. He would to entering paper bag and may touch them like something that have to destroyed. Cat may bite and claws the paper bag which is it’s so entertained for them. They also used the paper bag as ball and kick it away with their in front legs.

  • Train travel

This game actually designed if you have two or more cats but it doesn’t mean that one cat can’t do this. To make the train you can use cardboard new and unused is no problem. Connect one and each with masking tape. After that, place your cats inside cardboards which is now already turning into train boxes. And after that, pull the train moving in your home. Make a sound like ‘toot toooot toot toooot’ like train’s siren to make it more real. If you have only one cat then the train is just one. By this game, their hunt instinct may not be too exploded. Hmm, you know it is not bad to make them calm, isn’t it?

  • Pointed laser

Different with train travel, pointed laser will reactive their hunting instinct. Light of laser can catch their intention easily and makes them following it. Just pointed the laser in to one object and move the laser as you want, your cat will follow it without any question.

  • Cat in the box

This game is similar with train travel which is you need cardboard. You can used cardboard but it is allowed if you used plastic box. The rule is box and you must have more than one box. Place the boxes in somewhere and let the cat getting inside. It is more challenging if you add some snack and trapped like cucumber inside the box. Their expression will make you laugh hard.

  • Swing fun

This game just viral in social media a view time ago. This game is the simplest game if we compared with all games in this list. That’s because you don’t need any equipment to play this game. And how to play this game? First, make your cat laying in the floor. Second, swing it as far as you can. Hahaha. It just like that. If your cat loves the game, he will comebacks for you to repeat the swing. But if your cat is too afraid to swing, he will hide it away. This swing not only in the floor but also up in the sky. Just throw your cat above and catch it, throw again and catch it. Repeat it until you feel their heart biting fast. So fun, right?

  • Plastic bag

The cat’s ear is so sensitive with noisy sound. You can use this habit to tease them and play a game. Use the sound of plastic bag to catch their attention and let them triggered naturally. After that, just moving the plastic until they guess that as their prey.

Playing with cat actually a memorable time. It is okay to enjoy your time with them but make sure that the safety is always first. Don’t put your cat into danger just to make you laugh. Also, make sure that all equipment used in every game is clean and safe for your cat even your cat is till kitten.

As we know kitten is still sensitive both of bacteria and texture. Make sure that everything is safe. Beside that, you have to manage the game time. You have to limiting when you have to take game with them and when you have to stop. Let them alone without any interaction is cruel but exploding them to always playing is also too much thing. Just make sure that the time share is fair enough both for you and cat.