How To Play Happily With Your Cat At Home

Some people may say that happy is the most precious thing in the world. Some time we have to paid much to feel happy. But some people may say that it is so simple to feel happy. Is that true?

Cat is cute pet animal which also weird, jerk, and calm at the same time. Cat may little bit mysterious but still, it can bring your heart like roller coaster. So, what’s the correlation?

Haha back back to the topic. Pet something in your home is one of all life hacks that you must try. To entertain your life, you must have something that really near with you and obviously can getting well with you. It is more challenging if you have pet, right? One of all animal pets that mostly pet at home is cat. There is so much kind of cat that usually pet at home like British short hair, Persia, American short hair, and etc.

Unlike dog which have to bring moving in park so they can feel so happy, who said that by home you can’t having fun with your cat? To guide you reach happiness with your cat, here are some ways how to play happily with your cat at home. Anybody here who doesn’t have home? Hmm I don’t think so.

  • Use string

By string using in playing time it helps you reactive their hunt instinct. Cat is really love string. Actually, it is not only the sting, something long like cable, ribbon, or bracelet can be see as ‘string’ for them. Moreover, if the string can make a sound, it is obviously driving them to crazy. Their pupil eyes is bigger which is actually sign that their adrenaline is pumped in to the air.

  • Tie string toy

Similar with string using, tie string toy actually just added something in the end of string. You better choose tie string toy which can make a sound to more motivated your cat to see the toys as their hunt. The more that thing make a sound, the more your cat wants to bang it. He may look it like a little hurt mouse, does he?

  • Pointed laser

The eye of the cat is really focus and sharp. They can see well in the night and when their hunt instinct is up, all something catching and moving is looks like their prey. Laser light is pretty lighted and it is easily can catch cat’s attention. By pointing into wall, cat with no question will straight up climb the wall just to pecked the laser. Cutie.

  • Hide and seek

The system of this playing is similar with pointed laser. Cat is always curious, moreover with something that moving regularly. If the moving has a beat, it more curious for them so does hide and seek. Don’t move when your cat moving you around when you catch their attention.

  • Paper bag

Beside cardboard, cat also loves to play paper bag. Another sensitive for cat beside their eyes is their ears. The power of the game is, tease their heard. The noisier paper, the more the cat will catch and come nearer.

  • Plastic bag

If you think that paper bag is too much or you don’t have paper bag, plastic bag can be your alternative to playing with your cat. You can cut the plastic bag into some long pieces and stick it each other. To make you easier when you stick it, you can use a skewers to make it one. The power in this game is the sound. Tease their heard with noisy sound that come up of the plastic bag. Make sure that it is really noisy because the noisier the sound, it more makes them triggered.

That’s all simple ways to play happily with your cat at home. And now, who said that happily need pricey price? Fancy toys may make them happy but still if there are people who being as the leader then what the meaning of those died things? If you can get the happiness by simple way, why you have to paid so much price to buy some fancy toys just to make them happy? So, are you ready to make your cat going to crazy? Let’s do this buddy!